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Na’Vi vs. FaZe at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Navi overall don’t look on point. They had a disappointing IEM lan as they got thrown out by LG, possibly the only match where they actually performed somewhat good. The main problem of Navi was Guardian. Where was he? He was bottomfragging for his team against every single opponent, it was all flamie, he had to do everything and try to drop 30 bombs left and right, sadly he couldn’t keep up with LG and Navi lost this one. Navi are that type of team who turn on when they play on lan, but turn off when they play online. I always said; ”The Navi on lan are easily a top3 team but the Navi online are close to a tier2 team”, this is a scary thought.

FaZe had a somewhat decent showing on lan but at the same time they didn’t. They did manage to beat TempoStorm but got stomped by Astralis and lost to nV, the last match was against VP to get on the stage but sadly for them, FaZe choked extremely hard on Mirage. They had it in the bag but kept on throwing advantages and even lost a 1v5 ninja defuse by snax (goodtimes).

BO1 on Dust2, a map where Navi can be really strong on but at the same time can really be bots on. For FaZe, it feels like one of the maps they can play really consistently on, this was the only map where they won on at IEM against TempoStorm. I think that Guardian being like this on a map like Dust2, is gonna cost Navi the map. I don’t think Navi are able to win here, I think that FaZe are able to upset here in this BO1 with 28% on Lounge. Unless Guardian finally wakes up, then Navi might be able to win it but as of now, let’s go with a low bet on FaZe.

Low (3%) on FaZe

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 50:50 FaZe

FaZe like to play D2, and have a good record on this map, and actually did well against NiP before they were forced to play 4v5. Their players know how to play it, feel comfortable on it, and they are strong. It fits their loose play style, and playing double AWP is another thing possible with their roster. Navi of course love the map as well, and for the most part played well at the LAN last weekend. Their main issue their lack of practice recently, with them taking the entire month off for Feb and only playing officials. Overall I feel this is one of the maps FaZe has the best chance on taking, and with the odds being how they are, I would suggest a LOW bet on them.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 65:35 FaZe


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