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Na’Vi vs. HR at Starladder Predictions

I just saw the odds and I’m really shocked, Na’Vi are playing really bad on this event and they are still highly favored here for some reason, I swear people bet blindly without doing a research, it’s been happening a lot lately.

Na’Vi performed really bad so far, I was really sure that they will stomp Dobry&Gaming but they lost 1-2 and something went wrong in this match, Na`Vi lost 9-16 on mirage and we all know that Na’Vi was considered as the best mirage team in the world, a team with that title should never lose to a tier 2 team on that map. NaVi’s next opponent was FlipSid3 and it was a disaster, FlipSid3 destroyed them 16-4 on the first map (train), almost took it 2-0 but kinda failed on the second map (overpass) and Na’Vi won 16-14, the last map was cobblestone and I really expected FlipSid3 to do well on it, it used to be their best map, but Na’Vi steamrolled them and won 16-9 taking the series 2-0 in the end.

So Na’Vi definitely struggled, but how did HellRaisers perform? Well, that’s even more interesting. HellRaisers played SK Gaming in the first round and as you probably know, they won the match 2-0. HellRaisers beat them very easily with a 16-5 score on both maps (cache, overpass), oskar finished that series with 48 kills and 16 deaths which is insane. Virtus.pro were HR’s next opponent and that match showed how bad HellRaisers are without oskar, he had 27 kills and 40 deaths and Virtus.pro won that series 2-0…

This time HellRaisers are below 25%, at least right now as I’m writing this prediction, these odds are ridiculous considering that HellRaisers had only one bad match and they’ve been looking great overall, unlike Na’Vi who played like crap in the last few days. I am betting on HellRaisers for obvious reasons, I think you should do the same or just skip because betting on Na’Vi makes no sense.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 HR

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Option 2Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.


Don’t understand the odds at the moment really lol. I mean sure Na’Vi should be favored and will probably take this series, however 80-20? Come on, what exactly has Na’Vi showed us as of recent, and in this event particular? Oh they lost to CSGL and should have lost 2-0 to Flipsid3 yesterday lol, meanwhile yes HR are not looking the best either and lost to VP yesterday, however you can not count them out especially since previous to their VP result, they have been doing quite well for themselves. What went from for HR vs VP was their T side really, it was atrocious to put it bluntly, didn’t work against VP for some reason. Oskar even single handedly is a scary, scary man and deserves for more than 80% in pretty much any matchup, especially since now Bondik can contribute and what not, the Hellraisers roster is not looking too shabby at all. While it is crazy to think that Na’Vi could fall out so soon in the tournament, it definitely is not impossible here, if Na’Vi play like they have their past two matches, HR is taking it. These two have not played eachother much, and HR’s roster has been changing so that is not much to go off by unfortunately. Overall, disagree with odds ,for me this is a 65-35 in favor of Na’Vi.


5% Na’Vi under 72%, otherwise 2% HR

My odds = 65-35 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Na’Vi under 72%, otherwise 2% HR

My advice = Same asm ybet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 65:35 HR

Option 1Bet Na’Vi if odds 72% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Match will basically come down to which Navi turns up and whether or not HR can take any t rounds. It is that simple really. Against VP, if they had managed to do so, they could have easily taken this game, as VP were hardly impressive. Navi limped over the line in their match against FS and although I do expect them to step it up here and take the series, at 80-20 odds when they have looked incredibly poor, you cannot really go on the CIS side. Looking at the maps, I expected HR to get rid of Train and the second one is harder to call. Navi really likes Overpass, so I could forsee that or Cobble being removed. Navi will for sure remove Cache and D2. This will then leave Mirage for Navi, Cobble/Overpass for HR, and Inferno. If HR can get it to a 3rd map, we know that Navi don’t like Inferno, and although they have some decent results on it, they are not good on it. Below 30% for HR, the only logical thing you can do is drop 1-2% on HR.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 70:30 HR

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Option 1Bet Na’Vi if odds 70% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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