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pyth Xizt GeT_RiGhT friberg f0rest
Kjaerbye dupreeh Xyp9x karrigan device

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Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Astralis Predictions

So this is a 50/50 match between two tier one teams, this time there is one different thing though and that thing is NiP’s fifth player, pyth is injured and disco doplan didn’t want to attend since he has his own team, so NiP decided to use Maikelele and he already made sure we don’t forget how bad he is, Maikelele played really bad against HellRaisers and Godsent, they still won both matches very convincingly, but GeT_RiGhT and f0rest were insane.

Astralis are playing really well right now, they did lose to Heroic in the group stage, but then managed to beat Na’Vi and TyLoo, Astralis also beat tons of stronger teams online, teams like ENVYUS, FaZe and dignitas for example, they are still kidna inconsistent and look really bad sometimes, but most of their recent matches went really well and it seems like the double bootcamp helped.

I think both teams are just as good right now, but I’ll apply my main rule here, and the rule says to always bet against the stand ins unless the odds are terrible, this time however NiP have a stand in and they odds are great for Astralis, so it’s even better. My bet is a small one on Astralis, I suggest doing the same.

My odds for this match: NiP 50:50 Astralis

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Tough one here. I really do favour NiP and think they will take it but this is still a 50-50/54-45 game at best and astralis do not to be on around 2.5 odds to take this. NiP have not looked like gods. Yes they beat Godsent, but so did Dignitas. They also really struggled against HR in their opening game, and people seem to forget that. Astralis struggled against TyLoo, but honestly they are a really good side and they should not feel bad about this. Their result against Navi was impressive and I honestly think it flicked a mental switch and they know they can do it when the chips are down. Like I said, I think NiP will take this one but at these odds, astralis one map, or astralis to take it is all you can do.

My odds for this match: NiP 55:45 Astralis

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