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NiP vs. Epsilon at Dreamhack Predictions

So this one is pretty straightforward, NiP are the clear favorites and should end up winning this match quite easily, they’ve been doing great lately besides that one match against Optic on ELEAGUE which they barely won, other than that NiP managed to beat a couple of really strong teams such as Gamers2, FaZe, mousesports and ENVYUS, they are pretty consistent right now and I don’t think any tier 3 teams of Epsilon’s caliber could upset them.

Epsilon looked very promising on the qualifier for this event, they beat PRIDE, Tricked, Gambit Gaming and Arcade on their way here, sadly that was the only decent event they’ve had so far, they also played few online matches after the qualifier and it was a disaster, Epsilon got wrecked by Orbit and Escape, they played really bad in these two matches.

I’m not entirely sure what is Epsilon best map and what maps they are going to veto, but I don’t think it will matter, NiP have a very wide map pool and they should be able to beat Epsilon very easily no matter what map it is.

My odds for this match: NiP 85:15 Epsilon

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This is one that should be going in the direction of NiP here, rather easily. This is a Swedish rivalry however, but then again it is not on the level of a Fnatic vs NiP kinda one, or a Dignitas vs Astralis, these teams I do not think know eachother that well since there is quite a skill gap and what not. This is one that NiP really should not be losing, however BO1’s, seen bigger upsets happen. Epsilon have been one of the rising teams of 2018 and they have shown good improvements, but are those improvements big enough to see them upsetting NiP? Ehhh not really no. Both teams have been looking strong, well when you exclude the fact that NiP nearly fell to OpTic and should have really in that BO3 but OG kinda just messed up big time. There is not much to really analyse and ramble on here about, this i sjust two teams that skill wise, experience wise and what not aren’t insanely apart, however a good bit and it should show. NiP should not lose this, however Epsilon has players that can go off and since it is a BO1, you always have to keep your guard. 85-15 NiP


8% NiP here

My odds = 85-15

My risk = Medium

My bet = 8% NiP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NiP 85:15 Epsilon

NiP don’t lose games like this very often, in fact they are the side that loses them the least out of everyone. Epsilon do have some highly skilled players, but the organised method of NiP should be far too much for Epsilon to handle. The way Epsilon plays is to take aim duels and against a side like NiP, I don’t see this going very well and although if Epsilon are all hitting their shots, it could go okay, but I just don’t see them taking this game. The odds are not the best, but NiP should have this one in the bag.

My odds for this match: NiP 80:20 Epsilon

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