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NME vs. A.Auth at Winter Classic Predictions

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Ok so this match is sorta scary but at the same time it’s not. This should potentially be the safest match of the day simply because Enemy are one tier ahead of A.Auth.  Enemy should easily take this 2-0 as A.Auth have had some roster changes recently. Apparently A.Auth’s new roster is; barrage, cutlazz, nifty, joshRT and sYnced. This could potentiall be a really good roster for premier but this roster should not be able to upset Enemy.


Enemy have been on point and it would be a real upset when they lose two maps in a row here. I just can’t see it happening and am hoping for a 2-0 / 2-1 to Enemy.


Yes, it is RGN but the thing with Enemy is, they care about all leagues and care about their reputation. They definitely want to win this so I don’t see them doing anything fishy. I will be double maxing this one myself, I recommend a single max for the people who have one. If you don’t have one then just go high.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!


My odds for this match: NME 75:25 A.Auth

Astral Authority doesn’t exist anymore, they used to be quite good back when Nifty played with them, but right now Astral Authority is just a mix team of leftovers from the old roster and few pretty bad players with no experience, so far Astral Authority played only two matches – a best of three against Broken Alliance which they barely won 2-1, and another best of three against Tectonic, which was also very close and Astral Authority also took it 2-1, other than that, Astral Authority played a couple of ESEA scrims, they lost a lot of matches against terrible teams and managed to beat few better ones.

Not much to say about Enemy, they won the Americas Minor which granted them a spot in the MLG Columbus Major qualifier and beat a lot of great teams recently, they also rarely lose against lower teams and should be able to win this match very convincingly, I am very confident with Enemy here.

My odds for this match: NME 90:10 A.Auth

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So I’ve actually been analysing Enemy a whole bunch in the past two days, third time around actually. Therefor, if you’d like some in-depth analysis on them, I’d recommend reading this one, the Enemy vs Splyce yesterday, and the match before this, Enemy vs Winterfox one – As I may miss some stuff due to repetition and what not. So I’ve been saying that Enemy definitely has been progressively improving as a team over time, and it is definitely very noticeable. It’s not only their teamwork that has stepped up, but also their individual players. Usually it would be Koosta carry, will Koosta carry us to a win today or are we losing? Well now Koosta doesn’t have to go full God mode and the others can step up, however he still most of the time does go absolutely nuts, so that is another plus. Enemy played versus Splyce yesterday, I do not think it was their best performance at all, they just got lucky that Splyce was playing poorly themselves, however Enemy still is a good tier above Astral here, and should just overall be able to walk over them here. More on that later.

Astral Authority

Astral Authority is not THAT bad to be completely honest. They can stand their ground versus many semi decent NA teams like Leader1(however I’d still favor L1) Tectonic and such level teams, however Enemy is quite some way above those.  They aren’t like bots, worst NA players by far, not at all and should get some sort of respectability here. They have pretty known players like JoshRT, Nifty, Barrage, Synced and Cutlazz, all of these ring a pretty big bell except Cutlazz. These guys are not terrible individual players, however not sure how they will work as a team, and even so, Enemy should be able to just out skill them on an individual level. Astral Authority is a good team for their tier, however when you move it up a notch, ehhh, not really. In a BO3, I just can not see these guys honestly upset, and if they do, well good job for them, however unlikely.


Now this is in fact like Toby mentioned, RGN. Basically RGN is the EU DingIT or whatever, just a bad, bad league to bet on. There is history of some shady stuff going on here, since the prize pool is so insignificant and there is little to no credibility for winning this, and teams just are not bothered to try. I’ve had my experiences with CLG on this tournament, however that’s for another day. I do think that Enemy is a team that in their current stage, will try no matter what competition, and will try to get a message across. It is not like they have to focus on the next Katowice semi-finals, hide strats, no, it is like a smaller Football club and they will win anything that they can get their hands on, and overall Enemy comes across as a professional team, so I expect them to basically tryhard. In a BO1, sure place an ICB on Astral if the odds are good, however in a BO3 with Enemy, eehhh, I just don’t see it. Another point is however that Enemy is playing Winterfox before this game in a BO2, do not think they will get tired after a BO2, however instead could get warmed up, and could be a good overview of how they are playing. Overall, I’d recommend a high bet on Enemy here, for me it will be a maxbet.


Going to high, aka a maxbet for me on Enemy if they don’t go above 90%. I’d recommend going high on them here, 15% if they are in fact below 90%. If they are above it, I will simply skip this as maxbetting above 90% I am not necessarily a fan of as it doesn’t yield the best overpay. Lets hope this is not an Arcade 2.0. 

My odds = 80:20 Enemy

My risk = Low

My bet = High Enemy if below 90%. Pray for no Arcade 2.0

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: NME 80:20 A.Auth

The old AA boys have actually just announced they will be staying together as a team and go into the new season hoping to impress. According to their twitters, the roster will be Nifty, BarraGE, sYnceD, joshRT and cutlazzz. Honestly this isn’t a bad roster, but they will still be an average Premier team at best, and I find it hard to believe they will be strong enough to take down NME.

NME have been looking good lately, defeating Splyce to win the minor was an impressive performance, with koosta really standing out. In Uber and MaiNLiNE they also have two players who can compete with koosta for frags, and they have improved a lot since they replaced Anomaly with Lucky. He adds a lot more experience and fire power into their roster.

Going into this game, I find it hard to see how ex-AA will be able to take 2 maps off NME. NME have an ever expanding map pool, and are confident on almost all maps. They are not the best Cobble or D2 side in the world, but the rest of their maps they should easily take against an average AA side. I would suggest going LARGE on this game if you have the spare skins, and SKIP if you don’t as the odds are not good enough for you to make any return.

My odds for this match: NME 80:20 A.Auth

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