Best Of 1


Winner NME
Live Odds
NME 87
L1 13
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Match Predictions

Well, there’s not much to say here besides the fact that Enemy are just way better than Leader-1 and they have a stronger lineup full of great individual talents, Enemy pulled a ton of massive upsets against the best teams in North America such as CLG, Cloud9, compLexity and few more. Enemy is easily the best up and coming team in North America, they kinda came out of nowhere and improved so much in such a short period, the main reason for that is koosta as he’s considered as the 2nd/3rd best awper in North America at the moment, this kid is just insane and has a lot of potential.

Leader-1 is a mediocre team made of decent individuals, they don’t have any standout players like koosta, can’t say much about their results either, Leader-1 is basically a mix team and they use different players all the time, so their results from the past doesn’t really matter, I wouldn’t give them too much hope here as Enemy should be able to beat them quite easily, although it is a best of 1 and they are not that bad, I could see them pull off an upset like they did against SPLYCE, that’s very unlikely to happen though.


My odds for this match: NME 70:30 L1






Community Predictions

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