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Once again. little time before this starts so keeping it shorter. 



So obviously this is the Mirage game between these two, the previous one is the Train one. If you want to read more in detail, read the previous analysis of this game since it’s literally the same thing, but a different map. Overall like I said in the last one, considering that Renegades just picked up Ustilo and replaced Havoc for him, I’d believe he is playing from NA since if he was in AUS, the ping would be unbearable. Now, we do not know how long these two have been practicing together for, but I do not reckon for too long, nor do we know how well they will do, jet lag and what not, so that is a very dangerous bet to make. Enemy has been struggling with form a lot recently, obviously dropped to Splyce yesterday, 2-1. Overall for me this is just not worth a bet, once again the odds are too close to my exact ones and I am just not feeling this. I want to take this moment to see how Ustilo will perform, both teams are extremely inconsistent, especially recently. If you watch the Train game and if either team plays really poor or something, you could try placing a bet reflecting that here, however I would not recommend it. 60-40 RNG here once again, skipping.


Skipping this, simply want to see where Renegades stand at with this move. Odds to close so not worth a bet either.

My odds = 60-40 RNG

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip


My odds for this match: NME 40:60 Renegades





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