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Not much information about these teams, not at all. I am just going to give you my thoughts and why I always skip these Kind Of Nordic games. First of all, obviously most of the time there is really lack of information on these teams, and most of them do not even play with eachother, they are just players from the country thrown together, so it’s basically a PUG vs PUG which none of the players take seriously. If you go player by player you can see some are better than others, however eh, I just don’t think the effort is worth a bet here honestly. The odds will most likely be very close here, so no real value to make either. If you really wanted to bet on one of these, you could stalk the teams of these players, see which of them play with eachother, which I already did and honestly, eh nothing good, you could also stalk their steam profiles for hours and what not, but once again, is it really worth it with so many better matches going on today? I don’t think so. I strongly recommend a simple skip here, and that is most definitely what I will be doing here. There is better fish out in the sea, or however the quote goes.


Skipping this as I do not think that the risk and just overall time required on this game is worth a bet, there is so many better matches out there than this, just don’t even bother with this one.

My odds = 55-45 Norway

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice= Skip


My odds for this match: Norway 55:45 Finland





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