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NRG vs. CLG at ELeague Predictions

I didn’t expect much from CLG when the new about pita being their 5th popped up, I was very disappointed becuase CLG are very entertaining to watch with their full lineup and having pita as a player is a massive downgrade and they already showed his weakness in their matches against SK Gaming and Astralis, both maps against Astralis were really bad and it’s not even worth talking about them as CLG lost 2-16 and 6-16, but somehow they actually managed to take a map off of SK Gaming, it was Overpass which is arguably CLG’s best map, they went 12-3 on the CT side and it looked easy, however CLG started choking and barely won it 16-14 in the end, basically the only reason they won this match was hazed with his amazing plays.

NRG definitely looked better, it is their first event with tabseN and FugLy and already they were just few rounds away from beating Astralis on both maps, they lost the first one 12-16, the second map was way closer as NRG managed to get 14 rounds, they looked really good overall, a bit puggy but their aim was on point, all players were hitting their shots and tabseN showed some of his amazing deagle skills.

So basically we have NRG which is pretty much a mix team for now, up against CLG who are playing with a terrible stand in, honestly either team could take it due to stupid ELEAGUE’s format, but I have a strong feeling that NRG will stomp CLG here, I’d go with a low to maybe even a medium bet on NRG, definitely worth taking a risk.

My odds for this match: NRG 65:35 CLG

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Do not like recommending skips at all, and been doing them quite a bit recently, however honestly feel it has to be done here. This match is just not one I can recommend betting on, like there is no confidence here, at all. Why is NRG such a big favorite? Because they did well vs Astralis who were looking shaky and have a coach standin? We’ve seen two god damn maps from them, I almost wanna guarantee they will lose at least one map to CLG tomorrow, however don’t have the balls to do that so don’t take my word for it. CLG are not a bad side, on paper they are better than NRG, just suck a whole bunch right now and obviously have Pita standing in here for them, and I’ve no idea, apparently JDM is going to Liquid and what not, so the atmosphere in the team might be broken, but yeah they definitely looked worse to NRG yesterday, however I would’t say the odds deserve to be 70-30 in favor of NRG in a NA BO1…like come on. Overall, not going to blabble on and on in a skip match, however if you are desperate to bet, at these odds throw a low on CLG, however I’m personally skipping, sure I can make a prediction and try to wing it however, I want to have confidence in matches I recommend, this is not one of those and I’d personally never bet on a game like this myself, unless CLG go lower, like 25%, I’ll bet on them. 55-45 NRG


Skip this, if CLG go even more below 30% though a low on them is a very good option.

My odds = 55-45 NRG

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: NRG 55:45 CLG

Option 1Bet CLG if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Tough one because CLG looked sooooo bad yesterday but they still have the potential to step it up and take a game like this if they can reach their level, and then we have NRG who looked good but just seemed to choke. The first map is train and honestly, I think the chances for CLG to take this to be slim. They will reaaaallly need to improve from what we saw yesterday if they are to have any chance here. This is THE map for NRG, and their best chance of winning a map against CLG for sure is this one. They are really impressive on Train, and if they can manage to actually win a pistol round today, they have a good chance at taking it. Looking at CLG on Train yesterday, they seemed incredibly poor, and they will need to make massive improvements today, and win both pistols to take this game. The odds are bad but LOW on NRG seems to make sense for Train.

My odds for this match: NRG 65:35 CLG

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