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NRG vs. Renegades at ESL Predictions

2nd map is going to be Cache and Cache isn’t really a good map for NRG. Infact, IMO it’s their worst map especially because they haven’t played it that much, the times they played it they either got stomped or won in a really close game (which shouldn’t be close to begin with). NRG are just shaky on this map and I definitely wouldn’t trust them here.

Cache used to be Renegades’s best map but they haven’t played this map for quite a while but I must say, the times they played this map they really had some impressive wins, they can be extremely good on this map when on point but then again, we haven’t really seen them that much on this map. They’re hard to predict here.

Both teams who we haven’t seen that much on Cache, I’m not sure if NRG practises it that much but I’m sure Renegades do as it used to be their best map, I do expect Renegades to pick this on up as to me, they are the better team here and they have shown what damage they can do here especially when jks is on point. Going low on Renegades for this one.

My odds for this match: NRG 35:65 Renegades

EDIT: NRG are playing Renegades out of the park on train at the moment. I really don’t feel confident with a Renegades bet regardless of how good they might be at cache.

This is the second match tonight and will be on cache.

NRG haven’t played a huge amount of games on cache for us to get a really good read on them but they did beat coL on it 16-13 and take a really impressive looking Selfless side to OT before narrowly losing 17-19.  However, they have been on really good form recently with different players all stepping in at different times to help their team out. I think their tactical style with gob b really helps them in the NA leagues/LANs because none of them are massively strong individually apart from ptr really but as a team they perform really well.

Renegades on the other hand have some really good results on cache historically having a lot of close games with c9 and liquid and destroying TSM 16-4 recently but they haven’t played it a great deal recently and what with them being a very hot and cold team this one is a really hard map to call.

All in all i think i’d give Renegades the slight edge again, but the odds are off again so I will probably go with a small bet on NRG if they stay below about 40%. I’ll bet Renegades if their odds manage to come down to 55% ish and anything in between I will skip as this is another risky game.

My odds for this match: NRG 50:50 Renegades

Option 1Bet NRG if odds 50% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

The map is Cache for this second match between these two and it isn’t looking really great for NRG when stacked up against a team like Renegades. NRG has only played Cache as a team a few times, mostly against NA teams, and had disappointing performances but I still wasn’t convinced NRG was bad with such little information. Digging up around a few websites I found that the ex-Mouz team members (Legija / Gob B) were extremely inconsistent on Cache. As a team Mouz was very hit or miss against other EU teams so it was a coin flip bet seeing if they’d win or not. The American part of NRG (ptr / Just9n / Silent3m) are all somewhat gold mines of NA players as they are semi-consistent on fragging but seem as they aren’t very compatible as other teams when placed together. In terms of performance, the NA players had nice performances for NA teams but aren’t very special when compared to top tier EU teams. I’m not expecting much to come from NRG in this map and should be performing worse on this map than they are on Train.

On the other hand, Renegades is performing as well as Cloud 9 on Cache seeing from the wins Renegades is stacking up against NA teams and other Australian teams. The only teams that Renegades are having troubles pulling wins off of are teams that are significant top tier teams such as Liquid, EnVyUs and Cloud9. Renegades may have had a shaky performance against a few off teams such as Mongolz and Animal Squad but it doesn’t seem significant as Renegades wasn’t looking solid at that point in time. Renegades may be shaken up occasionally on Cache but they are still looking more solid than NRG on this map.

A MEDIUM bet on RENEGADES is recommended.

My odds for this match: NRG 30:70 Renegades

Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.

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