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OG vs. CLG at ESL Predictions

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CLG seem to have given up on this league, and against Splyce it didn’t look like they cared at all. On top of that, Pita was not even in the country, and they looked completely lost. He has not tweeted anything so I am unsure whether or not he is here, but if he is still not here, as I expect he won’t, this only makes me favour OpTic even more so in this game. It is an important game for OpTic, who want to make the top 4. CLG are near the bottom, having only won 5 games out of 18 all season and I don’t see them likely to take this game tonight either, unless they decided to care since the last one. They looked poor on Train against Splyce, and although we have not really seen mixwell with OpTic on this map, I have to call it for OpTic right now.

My odds for this match: OG 55:45 CLG

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1st map between these two here and we are on Train. Train is not a map either team will be jumping around happily about however both teams can play it to about the same level. OpTic play it less which means that there is either 1. less embarrassing??results or 2. less positive results, the sample size is unfortunately small, they have however beaten CSGL and AGG on it. Obviously OpTic are yielding a very special Mixwell amongst their ranks, and honestly, he has only played like 4 series with them or something, however he is already impressive with the AWP and I expected none the less. As time moves on, I expect him to only improve and improve, the guy is somebody to keep your eyes on. I had the absolute pleasure to watch CLG get destroyed by Splyce yesterday who were not even yielding Shahzam, just a complete disaster on their part. OpTic needs this 2-0, they are in a very tight battle for top 4 to qualify for the LAN while CLG are just…..CLG are just a lost cause at this point at 3-15 I believe in the league, 3rd from bottom for christ sakes. The thing is, CLG can very easily turn up and win here, so you have to be very careful. They may have gotten embarrassed by Splyce yesterday, however you can never count them out. ??60-40 OpTic here, it is a BO1 so just give JDM and Tarik the both pistols to have the economy in their favor and a good performance and they can easily take it.


3% OpTic under 67%, otherwise 3% CLG here.

My odds = 60-40 OpTic

My risk = High

My bet =??3% OpTic under 67%, otherwise 3% CLG here.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OG 60:40 CLG

Option 2Bet CLG if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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