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Shara bondik B1ad3 WorldEdit markeloff

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OG vs. FSid3 at ESL Predictions

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This one is so tough, you can really argue that either team deserves to be the favorites here and not many would argue since it can really go eitherway. I personally will favor OpTic going into this one here. I think that while OpTic are on a spiral of improvement and have been putting up good results, on the other side Flipsid3 are just not feeling it at all for some time now. They’ve added Waylander and right from the start I had 0 hope, Flipsid3 were usually Bondik and Worldedit carrying the team in matches, and sometimes the other would contribute, Waylander can not replace Bondik, there is simply 0 firepower  in that team, if WorldEdit does not go off, which he is able to do very easily since he is insane, but if he doesn’t they just can not compete. If Mixwell can shut down WorldEdit here, which Mixwell can do as he I’d say is worse than WorldEdit, however can go off and definitely challenge here. Waylander ever since joining Flipsid3 just has been so bad and I don’t really see it changing here, shame really since I am a fan of F3 ad think they have potential, they just can not really unlock it and do not seem to want to unlock it, I hope WorldEdit gets a better team. Overall, so far OpTic has been kinda shaky, they did lose 16:14 to Gambit however Mixwell had a very uncharacteristic poor game and vs Fluffy Gangsters they won, however yeah Little just basically destroyed them. Overall, 55-45 in favor of OpTic here, BO1 so anything can happen.


3% OG under 62%, otherwise 3% F3

My odds = 55-45 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% OG under 62%, otherwise 3% F3

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 FSid3

Option 2Bet FSid3 if odds 38% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

This is an extremely risky match and everything will come down to the map vetos, there are maps that should heavily favor Optic and some of them are great for FlipSid3, it makes the match really hard to call and it is a best of one so either team can take it.

I would slightly favor Optic in this matchup, even though they struggled against Gambit Gaming, the other matches were really good, they beat Fluffy Gangsters very easily, won MLG Minor Championship where they beat Immortals twice, and also were just one round away from beating NiP on ELEAGUE. Optic’s best maps are cobblestone, overpass and train, they are also very good on the rest of the maps, not sure about dust2 as they usually ban this map, but overall they look great and they have a very wide map pool.

FlipSid3 seem to be struggling a lot ever since bondik left the team, they constantly get wrecked by tier 2 teams such as Kinguin (Lounge Gaming), GODSENT, FaZe, dignitas and others, they had a couple of decent matches like that 2-1 win over SK Gaming, also took a map off of Virtus.pro and almost beat Na’Vi during Starladder finals, but it’s clearly not the same FlipSid3 we’ve seen back when bondik still played. FlipSid3 played two maps during this qualifier and it didn’t go too well, they managed to beat Renegades 16-9 which is an “okay” result, and got wrecked by FaZe 5-16 on cobblestone which is FlipSid3’s best map, while FaZe just started practicing it.

So coming into this match we can definitely assume that we will see either cobblestone, train or overpass, I’d Optic should be slightly favored on cobblestone and train, while FlipSid3 would have a small edge on overpass, but Optic are still my favorites and I feel like they will take this match, therefore I’d rather go with a small bet on them.


My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 FSid3

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Fside are a strange team to pinpoint. They seem really organised but apparently don’t really care anymore. They have some decent players, but for sure miss bondik. They rely heavily on WE to go big if they are to have a chance, and they still suffer from shara with his LAN nerves. I feel like they are missing some fire power, and they thought in wayLander they had found it, but he is inconsistent, and shara and markeloff are not really big fraggers. This in my opinion, is where they will fall short against OpTic. In RUSH and NAF, and even mixwell, they should have too much power for the CIS side to handle. OpTic have not looked convincing at all, and hearing their interviews it does not really appear they have prepared that much for this event. That does worry me, but I still do favour them for this game, and below 64%, I would go LOW on them

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 62:38 FSid3

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Option 2Bet FSid3 if odds 36% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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