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OpTic Gaming


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2018/05/11 19:44 UTC

Winner G2
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OpTic Gaming

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ShahZaM NAF RUSH daps stanislaw
ScreaM Ex6TenZ RpK SmithZz shox

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OpTic Gaming
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OG vs. G2 at ESL Predictions


So this is a bit of an unexpected winners match however it is what it is. BO1 once again and I am personally not a fan of these, however gotta take it on the chin. Right off the bat, I do think that OG upsetting Astralis was a bit of a fluke, of course respect where it is due, that is not easy to do however I feel like any other scenario, any other format and Astralis would have taken it, strange though since Astralis usually does not lose to teams outside the top 10. G2 themselves managed to comeback from 11:4 down vs LG and won 16:12, really impressive stuff however you got to consider how much of LG just not performing that was. I do favor G2 here by quite a bit, OpTic for me are a team that are up and down a whole bunch, and yes I do think they can upset here, have NAF have a good game again with Mixwell going off at the same time and they can most definitely challenge G2, however it will be tough. A thing going in OG’s favor is that G2 themselves are a team that are quite up and down, all the time it seems. They are capable of upsets like such vs LG on LAN however then they will pull off a really disappointing result, or spree of results, would be ironic if they lost this. For me 75-25 in favor of G2, maybe I am not giving OG the love they deserve, but we’ll see.


5% G2 under 82%, otherwise 2% OG

My odds = 75-25 G2

My risk = High

My bet = 5% G2 under 82%, otherwise 2% OG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 25:75 G2

Option 2Bet OpTic Gaming if odds 18% or less
OpTic Gaming

Small (2%)

high risk

I feel like OpTic are the type of side that are better in a BO1 environment than a BO3. They can have moments or rounds where they look good, but I don’t see them doing it consistently over the course of a BO3. The issue with this game is, I am not sure I see G2 doing it either. They are never good in long periods, and I feel this being a painful game to watch whoever you bet on, with a load of mistakes and rounds being thrown that should be closed out. Overall though, the roster of G2 is far more experienced, and I fancy them to take this game. With the real odds being close to 65-35/70-30, with G2 under around 70%, I would consider a LOW bet on them. The map veto will be interesting, and judging from what we saw today, this game could go either way, but I just feel G2 will take it.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 30:70 G2

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