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mixwell NAF RUSH daps tarik
ptr LEGIJA tabseN gob b FugLy

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OpTic Gaming vs. NRG eSports Predictions

Another matchup where I actually feel like going with the favorites, but then the odds are so bad that going with the underdog is the only option, luckily the underdog is pretty strong and unpredictable here, NRG were playing quite bad after the off season, recently did better against Winterfox and Echo Fox as they 2-0’d both, but then again, NRG got upset by CLG which is really bad, you never know what’s going to happen in their matches.

OpTic had some issues with their team lately, they kicked stanislaw for tarik and then removed daps to sign stanislaw again, I really like their current lineup, although I feel like they are going for pure fragging power without any good support players, I’m pretty sure it will work for them in their region though, the entire NA scene is very puggy and OpTic will most likely become a top2-3 team in NA. They still need to put a lot of work into it though, recently OpTic got wrecked by Echo Fox, Liquid, Heroic, barely beat TSM and tied against Renegades, managed to beat Splyce and Cloud9, not too bad, could be better though.

So this match seems to be very close, I kinda tried to go over the possible vetos from these two teams, OpTic would most likely start off with overpass, that’s their main ban right now as they never really play on it, NRG should veto train, then cobble is a 100% pick for OpTic and either dust2 or mirage for NRG, these maps are really good for both teams and NRG could easily upset on these, so there we have yet another reason to bet on the underdog. There’s not much to think about here, just play the odds with a small bet on NRG or maybe a +1.5 handicap (NRG to win at least 1 map), the odds are just too bad to bet on OpTic here.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 NRG

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This is a tricky one since both teams can be so up and down on any given day. Obviously OpTic are the favorites to win here, they are the better team individually at least, tactically….it is hard to say. Sometimes NRG are just plain stupid in the things they do, and other times they can challenge NA’s best, so that’s that. Form wise neither team is looking that good to be quite frank, with NRG you are just left confused. Their most recent result is a 2-0 over EchoFox, but then again EchoFox just like NRG, can beat any NA team, but can also lose to any NA team, however EchoFox are better so that is a disappointing result for them. In recent times NRG should have beaten Immortals however due to poor individual performances and just choke, failed to close it out, so that’s that. You can’t analyse OpTic without discussing their recent roster moves. They’ve added Tarik who for me at least has been somewhat average, hasn’t met expectations to say the least so hopefully he can improve. Now Tarik was originally replacing Stanislaw, but apparently Stanislaw is back in the roster now in place of Daps, so I mean that is very interesting and makes you question their decision making, direction and overall structure at the moment, not the best of issues to be having when betting on a team. If the OpTic guys are on fire, Rush, Tarik, Mixwell, NAF then they will win, NRG simply do not have a answer to such raw fragging power, since they have quite a lot of just support players so to speak, Gob B, Fugly, Legija, Ptr is very up and down, so that’s that, I can accept an argument however that NRG might be strategically more sound compared to OG. I do think that OG will take this seeing as it is a pretty important qualifier and it is a BO3. 65-35 in favor of OpTic for me here. Not the best of odds in this match but it is what it is.


5% OG under 72%, otherwise 2% NRG

My odds = 65-35 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% OG under 72%, otherwise 2% NRG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 65:35 NRG

Really depends on the veto for this game here what I decide to do. I do feel that OpTic should take this one but NRG does have a lot of talent in their roster, they just seem to make too many mistakes in key moments, and also suck in pistol rounds and anti echo ones. This for me will be the main issue for them. The second one being, the rilfers of OpTic are far superior of those from NRG. Tabsen is a really good player, but the others are not that strong. I will for sure bet on NRG to take 1 map, and then OpTic to take it.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 60:40 NRG

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