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OpTic Gaming Roster assumed

Renegades Roster assumed

mixwell NAF RUSH daps tarik
Rickeh USTILO Yam AZR jks

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OpTic Gaming vs. Renegades Predictions

Right off the bat I can tell you that this match is a freaking coin flip, both teams did very well lately, Renegades may have looked better but it’s only because of OpTic’s roster shuffles, if you look at their recent matches OpTic played even better than Renegades, I mean they wrecked compLexity, Splyce, beat NRG and tied against Immortals, while Renegades lost a map against compLexity, paiN and struggled against weaker teams such as eUnited, Luminosity and Selfless, losing a map to paiN alone is already a terrible result. OpTic are also better individually, their team is basically made of star players and they have mixwell which is already a massive advantage for OpTic when it comes to fragging power.

I’m not entirely sure what maps could we possibly see here, I’d say cobble, cache and maybe mirage, in this case it’s even closer but I’d still give OpTic an edge here, they are just better in my opinion.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 Renegades

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Fanobet is favoring Renegades here, I disagree, I think OpTic should be favored. Both teams are in good form right now however I think OG has shown us more. Renegades have been good, however they’ve been bad too – Losing a map to CoL, nearly losing to eUnited, those are not results that spring confidence in me and just displays the typical Renegades really. Renegades historically can do really well and you can’t count them out, however they can lose to practically anyone too which is a real shame and a half. I think that OpTic has shown us better form than Renegades but also that OpTic are the stronger team individually. Renegades most of the time can rely on JKS and AZR but if those aren’t performing…it kinda all breaks down for the most part while OG got Tarik, Mixwell, Rush, NAF, just deadly and I do think that individually OG are better. THe problem with OG is that they as individuals are inconsistent and as a team are all over the place, wouldn’t surprise me if we saw another roster change for them soon lol. Overall, 55-45 OG, really risky so be careful.


3% OG under 62%, otherwise 3% Renegades

My odds = 55-45 OG

M yrisk = High

My bet = 3% OG under 62%, otherwise 3% Renegades

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 Renegades

I actually wanted to bet OpTic here but looking at the maps I have to favour RNG. OpTic do not play D2 and unless they have worked on it a crazy amount in the last few weeks, I can really seem them struggle here. Yes I know, D2 is random but RNG are a really strong side on this map and judging from the games I have seen before, I do not really think OpTic have a chance on this map. Mirage is a strange one. It is a good map for both sides and really could be a close call. The other thing that worries me is tarik tweeted that they are forced to play with 1 player with a high ping due to how the server locations worked. This again, being tilted before you have even begun is not a good sign. The reason I have to go with RNG here is because they have a chance on all 3 maps and are probably in the better form right now. LOW on RNG for me.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 40:60 Renegades

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