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OpTic Gaming vs. Team Liquid Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

I’m pasting the same prediction for both maps because I believe that Optic will take both.

I feel bad for Liquid, they are already 0-4 in Pro League and I feel like they will go 0-6 because Optic is not only a better team right now (based on Liquid’s performance in the last 4 matches), but they also have to face them on mirage and cobblestone which are two of Optic’s best maps and I’m pretty sure Optic should be favored in both matches. I expected quite a lot from Liquid at the start of Pro League, Pimp is a good pick up and let’s be real here, Liquid were the best in North America with s1mple and right now it just seems like they are not even in top 3~, that 0-2 loss against Echo Fox was really painful to watch and I really don’t know what’s going on with Liquid.

Optic changed one player today, they replaced stanislaw with tarik and I really hate this change, it’s definitely not an upgrade, rather a downgrade and that’s why it is a questionable change, but Optic did it many times before and they always had the same reason to change a player – internal issues, it seems like their players just don’t get along and something is always going wrong in that team, either way, regardless of that change I still think Optic is a better team in this matchup and the maps are great for them, pretty sure they will take both, but stanislaw used to help daps with calling and all that stuff so they might suffer from that change, at least at the start.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 60:40 Liquid

Interesting change as I thought Stanislaw was a good player but seemed to blow hot and cold a lot, with one game being really good and the next really poor. It will be really interesting to see how they go with tarik, but their roster now has a lot of fire power and can easily challenge the best in NA. Liquid have looked poor so far, but will improve with every game and they just need Pimp to fit into the side. So far it almost seems like a clash in play styles, and the way Pimp plays does not really fit with Liquid. Overall the maps are hard to call. I have seen OpTic have really poor games on Mirage from time to time but for the most part they are good on Cobble. Because of these reasons I will go LOW on Liq for the first map and LOW on OG for the second. It is a risk as tarik needs to fit in and Liq have also been poor.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 55:45 Liquid

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