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Operation Kinguin

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Orbit vs. GameAgents at Operation Kinguin Predictions

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This is a game that Orbit should not really be dropping here. BO3 and the GA roster is looking in shambles right now, poor results, constantly swapping players and just overall not looking strong name wise, Orbit shouldn’t lose, especially considering it is a BO3. It is Orbit however and I have seen them struggle versus worse teams in the past, multiple times and this is Operation Kinguin, however they have been in very good form as of recent, if they lose this it’s just against all logic really, however Orbit doesn’t usually apply logic to their game so that’s that. There obviously is a few decent names on that GA roster, however nothing that really compares on Orbit here, Dreamer can play too and as long as he doesn’t have an vs Escape repeat performance, they should take this. The Orbit guys are just skilled individually a lot higher than GA and if they do this I’d be disappointed. Not going to go high here as Operation Kinguin, GA isn’t that terrible and Orbit likes to mess with your emotions, they aren’t a team you wanna bet high on. 80-20 Orbit


8% Orbit

My odds = 80-20 Orbit

My risk = Med

My bet = 8% Orbit

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Orbit 80:20 GameAgents

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Don't waste skins on this match.

This one should be easy for Orbit, they pretty much never lose any matches or even maps against tier 3 teams, and GameAgents is a really weak team, additionally they change players so often that I don’t even know what is their original roster. GameAgents’ results are pretty bad, recently they got wrecked by Millenium who played with a stand in, also got destroyed by CSGO2x and kinda struggled against Secret.fe, pretty crappy results overall.

Orbit like I mentioned in the previous prediciton, are quite inconsistent, they keep beating all those tier 3 teams and win majority of their matches against tier 2 teams, but lately tied against few weaker teams and lost to Escape, but overall GameAgents are nowhere near their skill level and their chances to upset Orbit are pretty low.

I would go with a high bet on Orbit here, but this is a lower tier event so I suggest a medium bet instead, either way, this match is a pretty safe win for Orbit.

My odds for this match: Orbit 85:15 GameAgents

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GA with a side that is changing every game go into this one the heavy underdogs and rightfully so. Orbit are a few tiers above even the best roster they could put together, and with it being a mix now, I think this should be a game Orbit wins easily. They did have wins against Pride and Bpro, which is impressive, but I don’t think we will really even know who is playing until it starts. Orbit do lose some poor games from time to time, and I would be really wary on betting on them with these high odds, but if you do wish to bet, a MED on Orbit seems to make the most sense, but proceed with caution here.

My odds for this match: Orbit 75:25 GameAgents

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