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Orbit vs. SpaceS at INETKOX League Predictions

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Got a kick to the ground realization of how series teams actually will take this league, or maybe that is just AGG. I feel like while yes Orbit should win it is not as clear cut as the odds are suggesting at the moment. SpaceSoldiers do not look the best, they aren’t looking horrible either, they are in the middle of the pack kinda thing, however I have noticed that with SpaceSoldiers it is a trend that they just come alive and do really well versus teams like Orbit and what not, then just go quiet again for some time waiting to pounce, so gotta be really careful. This is a BO2 meaning that if it ends in a 1-1 tie your skins are returned, nice cushion of safety that is and I mean, I do expect Orbit to take at least one map going into this given that they are the better team individually and team wise. SpaceSoldiers can be deadly, they have the individuals to win them games like this, especially if Xantares goes off here he can be really lethal, however ehh, it will be hard. A bit plus for Orbit too is the fact that Dreamer is allowed to play, for me once again he is their best player so this is a biggie. Overall, 70-30 in favor of Orbit, keeping in mind it is a BO2. Orbit tends to be really up and down themselves and didn’t look the greatest against CPH yesterday, but yeah expect at least one map from them here.


5% Orbit under 77%, otherwise 2% SS

My odds = 70-30 Orbit

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Orbit under 77%, otherwise 2% SS

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Orbit 70:30 Space Soldiers

Option 2Bet Space Soldiers if odds 23% or less
Space Soldiers

Small (2%)

high risk

So here we have a rematch between Orbit and Space Soldiers, the previous match was played around two weeks ago and Orbit took it 2-0, it wasn’t that easy as Space Soldiers managed to get 14 rounds on the second map, but the first one went 16-6 in favor of Orbit, so Orbit is clearly a better team in this matchup.

Orbit are playing with dream3r again since there are no Valve sponsored events going on right now, their recent results are not as good as they used to be, but Orbit are doing fine, they recently beat Space Soldiers, ANOX (ex-PiTER), tied against Dobry&Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves and managed to get some surprisingly good results on Dreamhack Minor, however they played with pNshr there so that’s not as important.

Space Soldiers are very inconsistent and their recent results are quite disappointing, of course they managed to beat few stronger teams such as AGG, GODSENT and even dignitas, but they barely beat Tricked, got 2-0’d by Copenhagen Wolves, Orbit and also lost two best of three matches against Arcade and GameAgents… That’s the scary thing about Space Soldiers, usually they are “alright” but sometimes they are godlike and could beat any tier 2 team.

So the teams are pretty close when it comes to their skill level, but it’s very unlikely that Space Soldiers will take both maps, I’d rather bet on Orbit or +1.5 for Space Soldiers if you bet on Fanobet.


My odds for this match: Orbit 70:30 Space Soldiers

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Is a pretty poor league and tournament with a small LAN at the end of it. The way it is designed, makes it perfect for teams to lose the odd match, and still qualify. The only logical reason for teams playing in these cups is to make a small amount of money along the way, and I would not at all be surprised if the Orbit guys don’t care that much for these games. If they play to the level they can, they should be able to take this, but I honestly would not feel comfortable betting on Orbit and 75%ish odds. I do think the chances for SS to win 2-0 are really unlikely, but stranger things have happened, and let’s hope they can have a good start and take the first map. REALLY low on SS here for me at under 70% for Orbit.

My odds for this match: Orbit 70:29 Space Soldiers

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Option 2Bet Space Soldiers if odds 30% or less
Space Soldiers


high risk