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1 week ago

Orbit vs. Tricked at xfunction Predictions

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Not feeling these Xfunction matches at all, however lets go over this one since I can actually comment on the teams playing. Ahm so right off the bat, given the size of this tournament and the amount of teams participating and what not, the fact that the prizepool is 1,000 euro for 1st place and that these matches are constantly on Lounge is a really worrying thought. Most of these teams attending do not honestly have much of a future in the top ranks of CSGO, nor probably have a lot of potential for big orgs or anything like that, and a tournament like this being hosted on Lounge where I can literally get about 700$ from 1 maxbet on Orbit, and I mean that is already enough to pay like 3 of the players the prizepool if they were to WIN the whole thing, not come 3rd or 5th or whatever, come FIRST, it’s ridiculous that tournaments like these make it onto Lounge and then we have Asian tournaments with legitimate somewhat high prizepool and a scene with a lot of potential and market growth to be explored be ignored by Lounge, it’s a joke really. Eitherway, rant aside, throw potential is high, I have been avoiding covering the XFunction league because of this, however looking at these two teams, I mean they seem pretty safe, they have a history behind them and while I do not think they are very good, I can somewhat trust them.

Of course Percy and Hunden got the boot from Copenhagen Wolves recently and have ended up here on Tricked, I am not sure if on permanent basis however it is a nice addition to the Tricked team. I am not sure how well they will have gelled together, and while Hunden is not the greatest of fraggers, in a lower tier match like this his tactical play should shine, and I mean these aren’t the greatest aimers so he should not struggle too much. Percy is somewhat decent too. I would favor Tricked here as I think that man for man they are the better team, however this is a BO1 and the Orbit guys are not half bad, their roster seems to be quite unstable however can never count them out. The skill gap honestly is not huge, and given once again that this is a BO1, for me this is about 65-35 in favor of Tricked. Think they should be winning however it is what it is.


3% Tricked under 72%, otherwise 2% Orbit.

My odds = 65-35 Tricked

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Tricked under 72%, otherwise 2% Orbit.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Orbit 35:65 Tricked

Option 2Bet Orbit if odds 28% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Tricked are of course playing with the 2 ex CW players Percy and Hunden, and we will have to wait and see how they fit in with these guys, as it is still really early days. They lost two heavy fraggers, and replaced it with a bad player, but a good IGL, and a decent fragger. I think overall they will be weaker, but have a lot more experienced. Orbit, or I guess ex-Orbit, are not a bad side. We have not seen that much of them lately, but they should have won 1 map against CW yesterday, and had a poor CT on Mirage and lost it right at the end. With Orbit losing their org, they will be trying their hardest here to take it, and this is a hard game to call. With it being a BO1, LOW on the underdog seems the best idea.

My odds for this match: Orbit 50:50 Tricked

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Option 2Bet Tricked if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk