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Penta vs. SK at Operation Kinguin Predictions

Well this one is tricky, Team X or ex-SK is a better team on paper, they have a very strong lineup and played very well on Dreamhack Summer, however the lineup was just a little bit different as I believe Snappi wasn’t playing there, well Team X is basically a mix team right now and I don’t really know why people favor them so much against a “real” team, sure they have valde and gla1ve who are insane, but I still don’t think they should be on 70%, this match is more like 50-50, especially with the fact that Team X lost to Escape recently.

PENTA improved quite a lot lately, they beat a lot of very good teams such as LDLC, AGG, Tricked, and Escape, kinda struggled against Bpro and got wrecked by Alternate, but they don’t really care about Razer Rising Stars in general so I guess that’s why they played so bad, other than that PENTA looked great though, definitely good enough to beat Team X in their current state, everything will come down to hitting the shots though.

I honestly think that both teams are just as good when it comes to raw skill of their individual players, PENTA don’t have any standout players in general but they are usually consistent, additionally the odds are extremely stupid and betting on Team X makes no sense, I’d go with a small bet on PENTA instead.

My odds for this match: Penta 45:55 SK Gaming

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Lol ahm why exactly are the odds at 81-19 in favor of SK? Are people just betting on SK heavily because they see the SK logo and think it is the Luminosity guys? Nononono. This SK roster, or well how it should be is Team X is basically the Danish lineup, however a lot weaker. I do agree, kinda tha tahm Team X has the stronger fraggers in the team, however Penta is a team that has been showing good results here and there, and are capable of beating teams like this, and better! Team X is simply a mix that I do not expect to stay together for long, and seeing how this is Operation Kinguin, I strongly doubt that they care here. Now with that being said, yes they have stronger individuals, and you can easily argue they should be favorites and if their players go off here, they will probably win, however that is too much if’s for me. Deciding a favorite is hard here, I do expect most to side with Team X here, however for me it is a pure 50-50 and just depends who 1 Wants it more 2. Shows up on the day. Overall, 50-50 game


3% Underdog here

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Underdog

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Penta 50:50 SK Gaming

Option 2Bet SK Gaming if odds 50% or less
SK Gaming

Small (3%)

high risk

I do not really understand these odds to be honest. The old SK roster has recently been changing players and I believe they will be playing from a boot camp tonight with their new 5th. They were asking people to guess but according to HLTV it will be Snappi. He is a decent player, was in the old CW roster with gla1ve and valde, but honestly I don’t really see how he is going to fit in here. He is better on AWP in my opinion, and of course Friis is already taking that spot. He is a decent rifler, but not amazing, and you have to realise this is now 3 of the old CW team. If Penta were playing against them, there is no way they would only get 25% odds. They would be a lot closer to 35, and that is a more realistic number for them here as well. They are a really hard side to predict, but usually save their best performances for when they are heavy underdogs. I do still feel ex-SK will take this, but at these odds, LOW on Penta makes the most sense.

My odds for this match: Penta 35:65 SK Gaming

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Option 1Bet SK Gaming if odds 65% or less
SK Gaming

Small (4%)

high risk

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