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Planetkey vs. Revival at Rising Stars Predictions

To put this bluntly, I am almost 100% sure that PKD cheat. If any of you weren’t sure about it before, watch their game yesterday and just watch the 3rd map and the 2nd half of the 2nd map. It was really sketchy, and I don’t trust them at all. Their rotations, aiming, movement, all led me to believe they are not clean, and I suspect at least 2-3 of them are using something, with only r0bs3n being the one I trust. But then he has a past with throwing accusations, so things don’t get a whole lot better.

Their opponent today is actually one that I like. Bubzki, JUGI and especially Niko are really talented. I expect big things from Niko, and I am really excited to see how he develops over time as he is still really young. They didn’t drop a map the last 2 games and look really strong as a team, but are they strong enough to take down a bunch of cheaters? I honestly think it comes down to if they throw or not. If PKD are cheating, and really want to win this game, Revival have almost no chance of taking this.

With the winner taking $2,000 and the loser $1,000, would you really trust your skins on or against a load of cheaters and throwers? I wouldn’t. SKIP is the only logical thing to do here. If I had to bet on one side, I would probably go LOW on Revival on the off chance PKD won’t cheat.

My odds for this match: Planetkey 60:40 Revival

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Going to keep this one shorter as I am recommending a skip here.



They tell me to stay professional, so I will attempt that however might end up in a rant, lets go none of the less. How Planetkey is still on Lounge I’ve no idea, there is not a single team out there that causes as much trouble as these guys, controversy wise. May it be for how to put it, using third software programs to enhance their skills quite blatantly, or losing some games in a very fishy matter, which they should in theory be winning, this team is not the brightest of them all. I’m speaking from a neutral perspective too, I’ve never lost money on Planetkey, I think I’ve won some but can’t recall, but honestly it’s a bit ridiculous. This team is on my ”Never to bet on/against” list for a very good reason, and no matter who they play against, or the odds I skip these games. I won’t go into detail as it may turn out dirty, however these guys, just nono. If somebody wants more details feel free to contact me on Twitter or something as to why I’ve disregarded these guys, however pretty sure it’s public knowledge.


Revival is not a team that I have seen too much of myself, so take this with a pinch of salt. I’ve seen them play once which was most recently versus LDLC.Blue. Personally I like to have seen the teams I analyse play quite a bit, but since this is a skip for one specific reason, I thought I’d let this one pass. So overall, do not think that Revival are of a very high level, to me they are a decent tier 3 team with some potential. I am yet to see them challenge versus a few decent tier 2 teams, which is pretty much what I am waiting for, as for me these guys are mostly not completely discovered yet. Overall I wouldn’t put Revival above Planetkey at the moment, not until we see them fully tested at least. LDLC.Blue is all good and stuff, but eh, not exactly the best of opposition.


Honestly just wanted to do this analysis to tell you guys to skip this, it is not worth it. I am a fan of logical betting and value betting, and when Planetkey is involved, there is no point in even trying anything, it’s like trying to hit a lottery. I will favor them here for obvious reasons, however we don’t know what they will feel up to today, therefor I will simply recommend a skip here. If you want to risk your skins on a pointless match like this, go ahead, however I strongly recommend against it. 65:35 Planetkey.


Going to be skipping this 100%, nothing more about it, no matter what odds. Recommend doing the same here.

My odds = 65:35 = Hard to conclude for this game

My risk = High

My bet = Skip 100%

My advice = Skip



My odds for this match: Planetkey 65:35 Revival

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Anon Suggests skipping this match

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