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Pride vs. DenDD at Rising Stars Predictions

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Now this is a tough one to call. On one side we have DenDD who I think are the better team here, individually at least however they 1. Just have no stability within the team roster wise 2. Do not seem to practice enough to really push themselves to just being this team that has some good, low-mid tier 2 players in it who ocassionally get a good result here and there to consistently getting good results. The names here impress me a whole bunch more than the Pride ones, however Pride is actually doing something with what they have, they have been in great form recently meanwhile DenDD has been sucking big time. I do think that Pride has some sort of potential from what they have shown us especially recently, however if DenDD shows up, think they are better and should win, or at least get a map here. The fact that this is a BO2 means that if it ends in a 1-1, your skins are returned here which adds a nice cushion of safety. This is tough because it is form vs skill, which one do you pick, in theory DenDD should be better but just form is looking meh. I like DenDD as a side, well more when they had Zende and Twist, however still think they have potential and what not, and if they just get 2-0’d here I might just have to give up my hopes of them ever becoming anything more than individuals who can go off once in a while and have a good result. Overall, 60-40 DenDD here.


3% DenDD under 67%, otherwise 3% Pride

My odds = 60-40 DenDD

My risk = High

My bet = 3% DenDD under 67%, otherwise 3% Pride

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Pride 40:60 DenDD

Option 2Bet Pride if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Find this a really hard game to call that will most likely end 1-1. DenDD are a side that well, still don’t really feel like a side. They have some decent players, but are constantly changing their roster. If you look at their recent results, they are not the most impressive. Losing to Gamit, CW, SS and Orbit. The only saving grace is they managed to take a map off most of them, and these are all teams higher than the one they will face today. Looking at the recent Pride results, they took a map off LDLC, beat Tricked, beat Kinguin, and lost 2-1 to AGG. These are not bad results either. I also believe that repo should be playing today, which should be an upgrade too. Overall, I find this game a hard one to call, but Pride seem to be a side that are going places, and I fancy them to take a map here.

My odds for this match: Pride 45:55 DenDD

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Option 1Bet DenDD if odds 53% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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