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Sawik Showmatch

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2:1 2 weeks ago

Pride vs. Kinguin at Sawik Showmatch Predictions


A showmatch where the winner will get 500 dollars, not the best at all to be honest here. These two faced off like 3 weeks or so ago in a BO3 very small Polish tournament and you could see that it did not mean a lot for Kinguin, and they lost 2-1, could have even been 2-0 for Pride but they scraped the 2nd map before getting absolutely demolished on the 3rd map. These same country rivalries often times tend to be tricky since the players know eachother and what not, so you do have to be careful. Kinguin are also a very inconsistent side, and at times they have proven and proven and proven that they will not perform to their highest standard if they are not motivated enough to do it and if they are not on form. That being said, they should be winning this map hands down. Pride right now are looking horrible compared to their form earlier this month and late last month, and if they do drop this, I  mean I can see it happening, but it would be truly disappointing. Overall, for me this is a 75-25 in favor of Kinguin. I do think they will take it, or at least should, however I do not have the confidence to go above 5% on them in a match that means so little to them.


5% Kinguin here.

My odds = 75-25 Kinguin

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Kinguin

My advice = 5% Kinguin

My odds for this match: Pride 25:75 Kinguin

Kinguin played this team not so long ago, and lost the game to I think it was 8% odds, and everyone cried throw. I don’t know if they threw this game, but if they didn’t then considering how bad Kinguin are playing today, going REALLY LOW on Pride might seem to make sense. I can see Mirage being played as this is the best map for Pride, and Kinguin also like it. I could then maybe see Nuke as it is a show match after all and Pride like this map and have played it a lot. LOW on Pride here seems to make sense, as I remember the Kinguin boys tweeting how they didn’t care about a game for a lot more money than this.

My odds for this match: Pride 35:65 Kinguin

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Option 1Bet Kinguin if odds 65% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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