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Pride vs. SpaceS at Rising Stars Predictions

Pride are a side that seem to virtually always take 1 map off decent sides but then end up losing overall or drawing. They could have won 2-0 yesterday against Escape, and honestly should have done. They just seem to mess it up in key moments, and that will probably be the same again here. SS are a decent side, and in XANTARES have a player who can always make the difference or turn a game when they need him too. They have been in pretty good form. Taking a map off ATN, beating Kinguin, taking a map off Orbit, beating Pride 2-0 last time. I do favour them coming into this, and with it being a BO2, I think the chances for Pride to take both maps to be slim, and LOW on SS if you want to bet makes sense. The odds are not the best though however.

My odds for this match: Pride 30:70 Space Soldiers

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Not much time left so let’s make it quick, basically what I think is that PRIDE is a pretty bad and at the same time a very lucky team, the thing I will keep mentioning is their “amazing” 2-17 record, yup, PRIDE won 2 matches out of 19 and right after that massive loss streak they managed to upset both LDLC and MK which makes no sense at all, so these two matches and the draw against Escape were their best results up to this date I guess.

Space Soldiers are definitely above PRIDE when it comes to their skill level, I don’t like them due to their inconsistency though, one day they can upset a way stronger opponent and the day after they will lose to a random tier 3 team, so that’s scary, however this time we have a best of two and it obviously favors Space Soldiers, another thing is the fact that Space Soldiers played pretty well in their recent matches, they beat Kinguin 2-0 and tied against them in another series before that, also tied against Alternate, beat DenDD, Epiphany Bolt and wrecked PRIDE 2-0 around three weeks ago, so they are clearly doing better than PRIDE at the moment.

So with all those facts together I guess Space Soldiers is the obvious pick here, I would hesitate if it was a best of one or a best of three, but I don’t think they will lose 0-2 against PRIDE so yea I’d go with a medium bet on them here.

My odds for this match: Pride 30:70 Space Soldiers

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