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7 hours ago

Pride vs. Spirit at Hitbox Challenger Predictions

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So the last match between PRIDE and LDLC didn’t go well and I’m not a big fan of this one either, but this match will decide which team will make it to the playoffs as the loser gets eliminated from the tournament, I still don’t really feel like betting on this one but there are no good matches after the major so I guess that’s the only option we have.

Spirit is obviously the better team in this matchup, their inconsistency is quite scary but overall they’ve been getting very good results lately, for example they managed to beat Tricked, Space Soldiers, LDLC, Escape, DenDD and Alternate but also lost a couple of matches to these teams, Spirit have been playing together for way longer than PRIDE, at least the core which is S0tF1k, COLDYY1 and Dima, I believe they were playing together over a year ago.

PRIDE is a fairly new team, I mean they are a team for few months already, but not nearly as long as Spirit, thir results are also quite bad as they’ve been losing majority of their matches in the recent months, I already mentioned in the previous prediction that PRIDE went 2-17 in maps before they beat LDLC yesterday, so overall they beat Galactics, LDLC and took a map off of Alternate, other matches went really bad for them. PRIDE susprisingly managed to make it to a double OT against Spirit yesterday, they lost the match 18-22 on cobblestone but it was pretty close, quite surprising that PRIDE all of a sudden managed to get two close matches against both LDLC and Spirit after playing like crap for the last few months.

Well, Spirit is definitely a better team on paper and should be favored here, but you never know with those teams, I still think Spirit will take this match but the risk is pretty high.

My odds for this match: Pride 30:70 Spirit

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Spirit had an incredibly close win against Pride yesterday, and I can see the one being close again today. Yesterday I put the odds at 65-35/60-40 in favour of Spirit, and although today they don’t have DavCost playing, I still feel like they have a chance going into this game. They played 1 game before with their stand-in, and they actually beat Escape 2-1, which is a better side than Pride, and shows that missing DavCost, is big but not the biggest deal in the world. Pride recently picked up repo, and a coach who I believe is Kubik, so they are a side that wants to go places. Overall though, they are still not at the level they could be, and are quite inconsistent. This for me is still close to a 50-50 match, and at these odds, I would have to still go on Spirit.

My odds for this match: Pride 50:50 Spirit

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Option 2Bet Pride if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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