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9:16 1 month ago

Renegades vs. FSid3 at ELeague Predictions

There are a lot of wrong things about this match and I’m also quite worried about the fact that FlipSid3 just played on the major and basically travelled from one lan event to another, not to mention that they had to travel to a different continent which could cause some issues like jetlag and stuff. Technically FlipSid3 is a better team and they’ve been doing very well lately, also destroyed Renegades in the ESL One Cologne qualifier and then also beat NiP 2-1 on the major itself, so they are clearly doing well right now, then again, Renegades went through a roster change and replaced SPUNJ who was their in game leader, with rickeh who is definitely a better fragger but I’m not entirely sure about their team play and strats right now, they had literally no time to prepare for this match, so that’s quite scary.

Well I’m not a big fan of this match but it looks like FlipSid3 should be able to win here, this is a best of three after all and it’s quite unlikely that we will see an upset from Renegades since they just went through a roster change and they were not that good with the old roster anyway, so yea I’d go with FlipSid3 here.


My odds for this match: Renegades 30:70 FSid3

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Fside looked really impressive for the most part at the major, and would have surprised a lot of people. The way they took apart NiP was honestly really amazing, they completely out thought and out played them, and that was not something I ever thought would happen. Renegades just switched out SPUNJ for Rickeh, who is another AWP, so that balance with yam and calling will be interesting to see how it develops. It is hard to gauge how good or bad RNG are going to be coming into this, as releasing SPUNJ might make them play a whole lot better, but it could also make them need more time to develop as a 5, and come unstuck here. Fside might well be jetlagged and not prepared for this game due to the Major just ending, so there is that to take into consideration. Overall though, if things go as planned, this is a game I expect FS to take, but if RNG are under 25%, I will purely ICB on them and enjoy the game.

My odds for this match: Renegades 25:75 FSid3

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This is one that I would rather skip honestly, let me explain why. Of course F3 will probably and should be winning matches like these, however you can not count out Renegades, and the fact is that they are in such a….interesting? situation at the moment, I just do not want to bet on this. Renegades of course have recently dropped Spunj and now have picked up Rickeh, and ahm I mean he is one of the better Australian players, how will he compete vs Europeans in their first ever official match together? Who knows. Renegades have players that if they go off, they can single handedly win you the game, Yam, and more importantly Azr and Jks. However there is also rumors that Azr and Jks might be leaving for better, NA teams so who knows how motivated they are, also this is their last event under the Renegades organisation, so that’s that, once again, how badly will they want to win here. Flipsid3 are the better team, they should win however never count out Bot Shara. F3 when they are playing well, we saw can compete with tier 1 teams, and I often say I think that they are one of the more underrated teams, however they seriously do lack fire power. If you can’t get rid of Waylander and Shara, please for the love of everything, replace Shara with a good fragger and you will be so much better off I think, and I do think he is getting replaced soon. Blad3 said that Shara was a ”Development” idea so to speak, and that it isn’t going to plan in one of the interviews I was watching. Overall, 65-35 in favor of F3, yes they should win, odds are bad, I’d rather skip. Take this as an opportunity to examine how Renegades play under this, potentially not final roster.


Skip this honestly

My odds = 65-35 F3

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Renegades 35:65 FSid3

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