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Renegades vs. Liquid at ELeague Predictions


Ahm this is a really tricky BO1 that could really go eitherway. Both teams didn’t do to well yesterday, at all. Renegades should have won versus LG, well…LG was kinda choking on their T of Cobble so that is why it got close, however they managed to pull it to OT, to lose and then get 16:0’d on Train, so you pull the best team in the world that close, then a few minutes later get 16:0’d, what am I supposed to think, it pretty much cancels out your good result and makes us again wonder at what level you are after picking up your new coach and Ustillo and after the training you’ve done….or I hope you’ve done. Liquid on the otherside ahm did poor on Dust2 against C9, nearly got 16:0’d by C9 on Cache, then nearly got 16:0’d by LG on Dust2, and then should have won on Cobble versus LG, up 12:3, only to lose 16:14, classics. Also Liquid plays a match after that, it was apart of ECS and they won it 2:1 vs OpTic, getting 16:1’d on Overpass however, lol. Matches between these two are often close, however edge out towards Liquid however different rosters and what not so that is that. I feel like the more and more Liquid play with Peacemaker, the better they will do, or so I hope.  I will favor Liquid here a bit, however not by much since I think that Renegades are more than capable of upsetting here, they just need their key players performing, we saw yesterday what AZR, and Jks are capable of versus LG, especially AZR, however Yam was quiet and what not, and I do think that Yam at times is quite underrated, so if he steps up here they can easily take this, especially given that it is a BO1. Overall, 60-40 in favor of Liquid here,


3% Liquid under 67%, otherwise 3% Renegades

My odds = 60-40 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Liquid under 67%, otherwise 3% Renegades

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Renegades 40:60 Liquid

Option 2Bet Renegades if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Once again I’m writing the same prediction for both matches between Renegades and Liquid because I want to do the same thing in both anyway.

So we have a match between Renegades and Liquid and this is one is very interesting, Liquid are extremely inconsistent and they showed it in the match against Optic yesterday, they got demolished on overpass (1-16), but won the two following maps and took the series 2-1, also played two maps against Cloud9 and two against Luminosity, and yup, Liquid lost all four maps. Cloud9 wrecked them 16-2 and 16-11, however one of their matches against Luminosity was extremely close and Liquid should have won that map, they had a 12-3 lead on cobblestone and somehow managed to lose it 14-16…

Renegades is the most underestimated team in this group, I strongly believe that they are even better than Liquid at the moment, they had a very close map against Luminosity, at least one of the maps was close becuase the second one was a quick 16-0 in favor of LG, but overall they looked fine. That’s it for Renegades, they played only two matches on ELEAGUE so far and didn’t play in quite a while, their last matches before ELEAGUE were two best of three’s against TyLoo and Renegades actually managed to win one 2-1.

This match is basically 50-50 and Liquid are 0-4 in the group so they will most likely get eliminated already, so Renegades can definitely win at least one of those matches and that’s why I’d suggest a small bet on Renegades here.

My odds for this match: Renegades 50:50 Liquid

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Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.

I do personally favour Liquid a tiny bit in this match up but I don’t feel confident betting on them. They are incredibly hard to predict right now. Lets look at their matches just yesterday. One semi close map against C9, one they were destroyed on, one map against LG they were beaten badly on and then one map incredibly close they should have won but choked. They then beat OpTic 2-1, the team in form, after losing the first map 16-1. I don’t really know what to say about them other than in this current state, it is not advisable to bet on them. If Overpass or Mirage are played, then I fear for the Liquid boys, and at these current odds and with this current form, I would really only go LOW on RNG or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Renegades 45:55 Liquid

Follow @myzz_cs
Option 2Bet Liquid if odds 55% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

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