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Renegades vs. NRG at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

A really close BO1 with the first map being Train. Honestly, Train right now really seems to be Renegades’s best map, they really look consistent on it. I don’t remember them losing on Train this entire year except against Gambit and Cloud9, the match vs Gambit was on LAN and against Cloud9 went to OT, Cloud9 are the best NA team on Train so this really is an impressive result from Renegades. Renegades are shaky on every single map except Train.

NRG on the other hand have been practising a lot past weeks with ptr and really want to do damage in EEPL. Train for NRG is a bit of a random map, they are extremely inconsistent on it, they played this map 6 times and won twice against CLG and Winterfox who aren’t too good on Train themself. The losses were against Cloud9, Astralis, Winterfox and Cloud9 so overall these losses aren’t that bad if you look at the teams. NRG overall are a really good team and can most definitely do damage here.

Both teams really need this win in EEPL if they want to playoffs, both teams will try their hardest and I feel like when they do on Train, Renegades should come out on top. When yam goes ham, then I expect Renegades to just pick this one up although yam HAS to perform well, if he’s not on point today, then Renegades might get stomped here. I believe in yam and will be going with Renegades for this one.

My odds for this match: Renegades 65:35 NRG

This is the first match between these teams tonight and the map is train.

Renegades demolished splyce 16-4 and took cloud9 to OT losing 16-19 in their last 2 matches on train and also beat winterfox 16-13 recently. They have been looking pretty strong on train but I feel that they are massively reliant on yam hitting his AWP shots on A/Ivy and if he doesn’t they could be in trouble. Renegades are, however, looking a lot tighter recently and are definitely one of the top teams in NA right now so they might be able to deliver here.

NRG also have some decent results on train having beaten winterfox 16-10 and taking cloud9 to 16-12 in a close game. I think that NRG have been practicing really hard recently and they are starting to prove themselves to be worthy adversaries on the brink of breaking into tier 1 NA and i definitely wouldn’t write them off in this match, particularly if their odds stay as low as they are at the moment (36%).

NRG definitely have what it takes to beat renegades in this match and if their odds stay below around 40% i’d recommend a small bet on them although i do give Renegades the slight edge. I’ll bet small on Renegades if they go below 55% and anything in between will be a skip as this is a risky game.

My odds for this match: Renegades 60:40 NRG

Option 2Bet Renegades if odds 55% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.

This game is going to be fun to watch since both teams performing at a similar level on Train. Train isn’t really a consistent map for NRG specifically as NRG is still struggling to perform as well as teams in the same tier level or higher. Although, NRG have been improving slightly seeing how NRG managed to pull a win off of Winterfox a month later but it was just by a few more rounds which isn’t special since Winterfox were looking to be in a small slump at the time. NRG are definitely practicing on train and it looks to be boosting performance but its still questionable to see if they’ll be performing better than Renegades.

On the Renegades side of this match, Renegades seem to be inconsistent yet performing at a noticeably better rate on Train than NRG. Renegades was barely ahead of the NA league on Train around the third quarter of 2015 but recently Renegades have improved immensely. Renegades is nearing the best of the best as Renegades bodies Winterfox and Splyce, not letting either team get more than 5 rounds on Train. Another sign of enhanced performance on Train is the overtime Renegades put Cloud 9 on in train which is surprising as Cloud 9 is as strong as some of the top EU teams on Train. Renegades has definitely proved their worth of an overdog for this map.

Renegades is looking noticeably stronger than NRG on this map. With a greater performance boost on Train than NRG by absolutely destroying NA teams and giving Cloud 9 a close game, it is safe to say Renegades is better than NRG on this map (on paper).Renegades should be taking this game against NRG on this map although there is still a SMALL possibility that NRG will make this game close and maybe into overtime.

A MEDIUM bet on Renegades is recommended.

My odds for this match: Renegades 65:35 NRG


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