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Renegades vs. WinterFox at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

The map between these two teams is going to be Dust2. Dust2 is a map neither team really play, it used to be Renegades’s best map but it seems like they haven’t practised on it for a while, their most recent Dust2 match was against Liquid and this ended 16-10 in favour of Liquid, overall a fairly decent scoreline considering how Liquid are on this map. This is a map where a team requires a good awper, Renegades does have one with yam but Winterfox don’t really seem to be having one. Xp3 does awp but he’s not necessarily a ”primary awper”, he’s just forced to be an awper on this team. Winterfox’s most recent Dust2 match was against NRG and they got stomped 16-6 with an awful T side of only 3 rounds.

Overall Dust2 might be Winterfox’s worst map, they definitely don’t like playing it and always try to ban it. Renegades seem to be way better on this map so I do expect Renegades to win this one and I wouldn’t be surprised when Renegades actually stomp them here as NRG did.

Medium (8%) on Renegades

My odds for this match: Renegades 75:25 WinterFox


So the first match between these two on CSGOLounge, this one is on Dust2. Dust2 isn’t a map that either team are going to get too over excited about here, however lets be honest, it’s Dust2, who doesn’t know how to play the map. Both teams know how the map works and is the classical upset map due to the general knowledge of the map, so be careful here. Winterfox I always go on a rant regarding them, however I’ll try to stay calm this time about. Winterfox are definitely a team that have some potential, however I keep claiming and claiming that however we are yet to see them consistently live up to their potential. I’ve no idea why it does not work, well, I reckon it’s their leadership as the skill set is somewhat there. With Winterfox you have to be really careful, as at times they can be a really horrible tier 3 NA team that struggles to beat Obey, and at other times you see them challenging some of NA’s best sides, however I feel like Renegades should be a stretch too much if RNG take this seriously and land their shots, however RNG themselves are not the most of consistent sides so do not get too comfortable here. Renegades are very good when they are landing their shots, they need their star players on form, and that is when things go well for them. Jks, Yam, Azr are insane players, really high skill ceiling however when only one of them is on point, the team struggles so much it’s unreal. Overall, not much to blah here about, 70-30 in favor of Renegades here. It’s really tricky due to Winterfox’s simple failure to be any bit consistent, however lets go with that.


5% Renegades here if they are below 77%, otherwise 2-3% Winterfox here in the hopes of an upset. It is Dust2 so that’s something going their way I guess, this map is notorious for upsets.

My odds = 70-30 Renegades

My risk = High

My bet = 5% RNG if under 77%, otherwise 2-3% WFX

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Renegades 70:30 WinterFox

Renegades used to love this map, and honestly it is a map that WFX do not, which seems a strange thing to say as they are an NA team. The map is of course D2, a map we have seen Renegades on a few times lately. Most notably a good win against CLG, and a close loss against Liquid. They like this map a lot, and so does their new recruit USTILO, and it is still in my opinion one of their best.

Their opponent WFX is a team that is hard to predict. Some games they actually seem pretty decent, and others they seem really poor. The few times I have seen them on D2, they looked terrible. Against Splyce, their opponent would just walk up mid and nobody would watch it, and it really seemed like they have 0 preparation on this map. I expect this to be different now, but I still don’t expect a lot.

The odds are not the best but I really cannot see Renegades losing this unless they really mess up. This is a BO1, so has SOME risk, but overall I feel like your skins should be pretty safe on this game. MED on Renegades, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Renegades 70:30 WinterFox


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