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Selfless vs. NRG at CEVO Predictions

Wow, I know Selfless beat few top NA teams but I still expected NRG to be favored here, they were beating NA’s best teams and even managed to upset ENVYUS during Counter Pit League Finals, now they are back in North America as an underdog against Selfless, that’s great, I’ve been looking for a decent underdog bet and this is a perfect one.

So the biggest factor in this match will be the veto process, ideally Selfless would like to get inferno and mirage as these two maps are their best, they are also quite good on cache and overpass, NRG eSports are good on pretty much any map, cobblestone seems to be their wost map but they still managed to get a couple of decent results on it.

NRG have a better map pool so everything is going in their favor so far, the only scary thing is that Selfless beat them in the last encounter even though the match was very close, I think NRG will take it this time and the odds are great, so just place a small bet on them.

My odds for this match: Selfless 45:55 NRG

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I definitely don’t like this match at all, It’s a really close match but in the end, I do expect NRG to win. The thing here is that Selfless might be a bit ”overrated” because they managed to beat LG in the iBP cup and also beat OG yesterday 2-0 for EEPL, obviously these are some decent results but LG at the iBP cup was rather LG saving their strats and the 2-0 against OG was because OG just didn’t look good at all, not bad from Selfless but not that convincing either if you ask me. NRG on the other hand look a lot more convincing, IMO they have more potential to become an actual top NA team than Selfless do. Again, this is going to be an extremely close match and it will be incredibly fun to see ptr vs. nifty but overall I think NRG might be able to take this one.

My odds for this match: Selfless 45:55 NRG


Really tough BO3 here that could honestly go eitherway. You can argue that NRG deserves to be the favorite here, and not many would disagree as it is a very close affair. Personally for me while I do think that NRG is more technically sound, if Ptr, Silent and/or Just9n are having a bad game which they often tend to due to their play types, NRG can struggle big time. I think that Selfless is very slightly favored here, mostly due to the results they are cracking in. Sure you can argue that they are not deserving them or whatever, referencing the OpTic 2-0 yesterday, however they are still getting them, it still counts, it’s a good performance none the less. This could just be a game of who turns up really, expect a very close series where clutches/and or pistols could make the difference here. Also Selfless are putting in high effort into CSGO, they obviously added M1tch and Nifty, and are spending about 100 hours average over the 2 weeks trying to improve, I can respect that, NRG has around 60 average however they have been travelling so that could be a reasonable excuse. Overall, for me this is a 55-45 in favor of Selfless. Not the greatest of matches to bet on, however it is what it is. Low bets only here.


3% Selfless if below 60%, otherwise 3% NRG here.

My odds = 55-45 Selfless

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Selfless if below 60%, otherwise 3% NRG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Selfless 55:45 NRG

Option 2Bet NRG if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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