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Selfless vs. NRG at CEVO Predictions


Not quite sure what to think of Selfless here. I was watching them play versus TSM yesterday and they did come out on-top in a very close battle, however I feel like it was more TSM just not living up to my expectations at least. Also worth mentioning here, Lucky is not playing, and obviously Koosta is not playing. The Selfless guys will have M1tch and Nifty standin here, and honestly how it looks now, they will probably just try and pug it out, something that I do not think should work vs NRG due to their heavy strat approach to the game. The problem I have with the NRG guys is the fact that they lack a bit of fire power I feel, however so far it has not prevented them from performing exceptionally well vs some top tier NA teams like CLG, Liquid, Cloud9 and what not. I just hope they are not the classical, can do well vs big NA teams however can’t perform vs lower level teams. Overall, for me this is around 70-30, it really is difficult trying to predict how Selfless will play here due to their uncertain rosters, their lack of a sponsor and I just do not think they are 100% in the game, while NRG should at least be. 70-30 in favor of NRG.


5% NRG if under 77%, otherwise 2-3% Selfless.

My odds = 70-30 NRG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% NRG if under 77%, otherwise 2-3% Selfless

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Selfless 30:70 NRG


Selfless did manage to beat TSM in a BO3 which I can call impressive. TSM have good fraggers but Selfless still managed to beat them. It was a really close BO3, especially the last map but Selfless did manage to win it just barely. All 5 players on Selfless did their thing and no one was really going ham, it was a team effort whereas from TSM it looked like a 2 man army. Selfless did lose koosta and this did make them a bit worse but not bad. They can still beat extremely good NA teams.

NRG made us rich yesterday, nice underdog against CLG. They lost Mirage with a rather bad CT half as we all know CLG are heavily CT sided team, 2nd and 3rd map weren’t really close, Dust2 was a good win thanks to a good T side from NRG and on Train it was their CT side looking solid. NRG are like I said yesterday, a team that should not get underestimated. They might not have the best players but they surely do have the best strats.

This will either be a close game or just a stomp by NRG. I just don’t feel like Selfless can win here, Gob’s strats are just too strong and mainline will have a hard time counter-stratting it. I’m going with NRG here, Strats > Aim.

60-40 NRG

Low (5%) on NRG

My odds for this match: Selfless 35:65 NRG

Should be a good game here between NRG who under the leadership of gob b have been making waves, taking down CLG last night, as well as close games against C9, and a win over Liquid before to name a few. It is amazing what gob b has managed to do with average players, and it is a testament to his leadership.

Selfless looked really impressive the first map against TSM, Nifty looked good, m1tch looked good, everything clicked. After that they seemed to get worse, and on Cobble they looked extremely poor. They did not look THAT good on Overpass, and it was more TSM throwing it away that won them that game, over anything that impressive on their end.

With gob b leading NRG, I just have a feeling they will outsmart the boys at Selfless and take this game. It would be a close one, and Selfless have had close games with them before, but I think NRG will take this game. As the odds are not that good I would just suggest going LOW here.

My odds for this match: Selfless 35:65 NRG

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