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Selfless vs. TSM at CEVO Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


This one is a tough one, really tough. Honestly if you are not interested in pretty meh bets with very high potential to lose skins, this has a skip written all over it. You can argue either team deserves to be the favorite for this game, and I mean not many would question that statement. For me it has to be TSM, I just feel like TSM as a new team, have quite a bit to prove, especially since they have not been proving anything at all. TSM has some good players in that team, some good, raw young talent aimwise, however we just gotta see how far that can go. I can already see that TSM will be one of those really inconsistent NA teams, since they have players that can go off, Autimatic, Sick and what not, however how consistently will they be able to pull performances? And of course for this game those talented aimers will be instrumental. I just think that right now, Selfless’ heads will not be in this game fully. They obviously have left their organisation, Enemy very recently, and are still actively looking for a brand to represent, not to even mention the worst part that Koosta has left them of course, so they are still trying out new players here, HLTV says it’s M1tch, however it may be Nifty once again, not 100% on that, and I don’t like betting on teams where I do not know the roster of 100%. Without Koosta, the Selfless guys kinda become stale I feel, they are good players don’t get me wrong, however I feel like a on form TSM can more than challenge them here, especially if Selfless decides to play a puggy style due to their tryout. Overall, 55-45 in favor of TSM here, just play the odds honestly. If not feeling it, no harm in skipping this as it is honestly a bit meh, a lot of IEM tomorrow to look forward to.


2-3% TSM if under 62%, otherwise 2-3% Selfless here. Honestly no harm skipping this, I most likely will as there is a lot more profitable games tomorrow for IEM.

My odds = 55-45 TSM

My risk = High

My bet = Skipping most likely, however 2-3% TSM if under 62%, otherwise 2-3% Selfless

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: Selfless 45:55 TSM


Selfless is a team we have seen playing multiple times, they will be playing with Mitch instead of Lucky and this is somewhat an upgrade as Lucky isn’t the best fragger of NA. We saw Selfless on lan for the MLG qualifier and that didn’t look good, koosta couldn’t carry and the remaining 4 players just couldn’t do anything. Nifty will be playing for Koosta again so that’s also a thing to mention. The player who has to step up for Selfless here is Uber, he is their strongest fragger.

TSM are a team we haven’t really seen much of. We saw them getting beaten by Renegades in a somewhat close match and we saw them beat A.Auth quite comfortably. TSM’s line-up is actually a line-up that could potentially really come far. Sick and vice are insane players and are definitely the stronger fraggers on this team, autimatic is also a somewhat decent fragger and semphis is the awper. Overall a really solid line-up with some consistent and skilled fraggers.

So, overall I have to favour TSM in this BO3. TSM’s fragging power is pretty nutty and I think it will win them the game. Selfless having Nifty as a ”trial” an mitch standing in for Lucky doesn’t help either as a full team is always better than a team with standins. I think TSM will come out on top just barely.

Low (5%) on TSM

My odds for this match: Selfless 45:55 TSM

Should be a close game and a tough game for TSM, but these are the types of games TSM should be winning if they are to show themselves to be a decent level. As the other guys already said, there will be a few different players for Selfless tonight, with m1tch playing instead of lucky. While he might be an upgrade on fragging power, he is of course weaker in experience, and a stand-in is never perfect as it pretty much voids any strats you had created and weakens your side a lot. M1tch has had some good games in the past against experienced sides, but I still think overall it is a downgrade. I also have not been largely that impressed with Nifty the last few games and he seems to blow hot and cold a lot.

Overall I think the odds on CSGL are about right and this should be a game that TSM take. I say should because I don’t feel overly confident in their side just yet, and it took SicK going massive for them to take their last game with important clutches. Overall though, LOW on TSM or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Selfless 40:60 TSM

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