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Selfless vs. WinterFox at IBP Invitational Predictions

Another bo3 match here in the iBP Invitational Spring.

I think both of these teams are on a very similar playing level to be honest. Selfless have looked really quite strong recently and posted some good results against both C9 and NRG. Winterfox on the other hand shocked a lot of us when they beat LG 16-4 recently and also took a map off a really strong looking OpTic, so they’ve both showed that they can play with the big boys.

I’d give Selfless the slight edge in this bo3 even though it is a very slight advantage. I think we could see Selfless try and get Cache and winterfox try and get mirage with the 3rd map being random due to the veto process in iBP invitational and i definitely think this could go to 3 maps.

I’d recommend going small on Selfless if their odds are below around 60% or small on winterfox if their odds are around 40% or lower.

My odds for this match: Selfless 60:40 WinterFox

Option 1Bet Selfless if odds 60% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.


A really tricky matchup here that really could be going eitherway, depending on who turns up. My hopes for Selfless were not very high when they got rid of Koosta, however they are proving me wrong at least with their constantly high level of performances. The team is doing well for themselves right now, and I am not sure if it’s because their honeymoon period considering they’ve added two new faces, or they simply are going to keep this level high for a long time. These two teams have played eachother quite a bit in the past, and while with Koosta and Lucky obviously, Selfless seemingly got the advantage over Winterfox most of the time. Winterfox is a team that can most definitely upset here, they have the skill and experience to do it, however ehh, something about them is just so anticlimactic. They just never seem to perform, and it’s an ongoing tale with them, you rate them so highly, or well attempt to and they just keep disappointing and disappointing, going off once in a while however then returning to their poor form. They did crush OpTic on Mirage a few days ago, so that is obviously impressive, however I feel that it’s just a tease. This could just come down to which Winterfox we see, a Boterfox or Goderfox, sorry for bad meme, I know it was pathetic. Eitherway, 60-40 in favor of Selfless for me here.


2-3% Selfless if below 70%, otherwise 2-3% WFX. Not a very good match to bet on but oh well.

My odds = 60-40 Selfless

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Selfless if below 70%, otherwise 2-3% WFX

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Selfless 60:40 WinterFox

Option 2Bet WinterFox if odds 30% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Selfless with this roster have been looking pretty good so far, they managed to upset Cloud9 on Cache with a 16-4 scoreline, their match against A.Auth did get a bit close but that was rather Selfless underestimating A.Auth, thinking they would win it easily, they did win it 2-0 but the match itself was definitely way too close. Winterfox are just .. being themself, extremely inconsistent and I wouldn’t be surprised when this org drops this roster, IMO this roster does not deserve such of an org as their results are really pathetic, they lose to teams they shouldn’t lose to. Winterfox CAN be good at times but it seems to really depend on flowsick and anger, they are the key players of this team and when they don’t frag, Winterfox will get stomped.

IMO Selfless should have this, Winterfox’s inconsistency is a thing that scares me, they can turn up at any point but also play like complete bots at any point. Due to that, I suggest a low bet on Selfless.

My odds for this match: Selfless 65:35 WinterFox

Option 2Bet WinterFox if odds 30% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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