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This is one that you should skip. BO1 between two up and coming Asian teams that we have little to none info about. Sure on paper Signature looks like the better team, beating TheMongolz and being close to beating CyberZen which is really impressive, however we don’t have any HLTV past matchups on LiberateD. You could go really heavy here and see past matches of LiberateD and compare them both, see hours and what not, possible past head-to-head stats however with the major just around the corner and this just being a BO1 with 80-20 odds, ehh not sure if it is worth it. Overall I would favor Signature here ,however I heavily just advise skipping this, no need to risk your skins on this.


Skip this for your own sake

My odds = 70-3o Signature

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Signature 70:30 LiberateD


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