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I watched the SK game and boy was it painful to watch. They looked incredibly poor on 2 maps, and I would not feel comfortable betting on them today. They were most likely going to lose the 3rd map, and I really don’t understand what has happened to them. They did look better against G2 for the most part, but threw Cache so badly. Apart from Pimp, they all look poor, and their low hours recently makes me a little confused. They keep writing on social media they will turn a corner soon, but it really doesn’t look like they are putting any effort into doing this, judging purely by their hours played. I maxed on SK yesterday and regretted it. I won’t make the same mistake today, especially against a side that took Penta to OT, and have 2 guys a lot of people associated before with cheating. ICB on the underdog feels the safest.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 75:25 NVM

I don’t think that this requires that much of an analysis. Sure, SK don’t really look good and did struggle against Tricked (which they forfeited) but VwS are a team who lost to both Penta and SpaceS yesterday. The match against Penta did get close, but that was rather Penta’s own mistake as they just didn’t look good. I don’t expect SK to get upset here by a team who are rather a mix and have a hard time communicating. Should be a fairly easy 2-0 to SK especially because this is CEVO, a league all tier2 teams care a lot about. Winner of this will play against Epsilon.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 90:10 NVM

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