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SK vs. Tricked at Operation Kinguin Predictions

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So straight up this is a game that SK really should be winning. The thing about SK is that their consistency levels are just appalling. They seem to do really well vs teams they should not be beating, like they’ll give any tier 1 team a good fight for their money when they are on form, however when it comes to the easier matchups, SK just seems to struggle way too much. I do think that with continued efforts, SK has potential to be a top team, and have shown that quality in the past however like I said, their consistency is just not there. Tricked is not a bad team, not at all. They may not have too many players that immediately ring a bell, however they have been putting up the results especially recently, beating off teams like SpaceSoldiers and CPH Wolves, aswell as having a close series with DenDD. Another thing going for Tricked here so to speak is the fact that this is indeed a Danish rivarly, and these are always scared. Players speak the same language and in many cases have played with eachother or at least know of eachother so it can get trickier. The prizepool for this tournament is only $10,000 so that is not a pleasing sight to see here since it is not a lot for a team like SK, however this is a tournament that SK is the favorites in and should be looking to win it, so I mean, free 10k is free 10k. However you do have to be careful as SK may not care too much, eitherway, to cut a long story short, around 80-20 in favor of SK here. Expect them to win and will most likely drop a maxbet set on them here as long as they are below 90%, otherwise just skip this.


If you have a maxbet set here, place it on SK if you are down for more riskier maxbets and if SK is below 90%, otherwise just skip this or throw a few Famas Colonies battle-scarred on Tricked here. SK really should win however Danish rivarly and this tournament is a bit meh, low prize pool however I trust in the SK boys.

My odds = 80-20 SK

My risk = Low

My bet = Maxbet on SK if under 90%

My advice = 15% SK if your 15% is above 100$ and SK under 90%, otherwise skip/ICB Tricked as you won’t get a return.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 80:20 Tricked

Option 2Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.

Feels like a pretty straight forward match. Tricked did upset some tier3 teams but none of these teams are even close to SK’s skill, SK are way better and way more consistent. SK should be able to win this one fairly easily, they are pretty consistent against lower tier teams so a bet on SK here feels pretty safe unless something weird is going on.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 85:15 Tricked

Option 2Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.

I’ve seen SK struggle a few times against lesser sides recently, and this game tonight makes me a little scared, as they seem to step it up against better sides, and do poorly against ones lower than them, as was shown by their match against GA, that they easily could have lost.

Judging by the tweets from SK and the Tricked boys, they know each other well, and this could make for an interesting game. Tricked have shown they are not a bad side with some of their performances, and beating sides such as SS and CPH are pretty decent results for a side like this.

Overall though, this is not a game that SK should be losing. It should if they play as they can, be a comfortable 2-0 win. I actually do think SK will take this, but I can see both maps being a bit of a clench. The skill and level of SK should prevail in the end, and I would be really shocked if they lost this game. MED/LARGE on SK seems to be the only logical bet here.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 75:25 Tricked


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