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SpaceS vs. GameAgents at Dreamhack Predictions

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Space Soldiers on fire right now, literally playing better than they ever did, 3-0 over AGG, 2-0 against dignitas and GODSENT, these results are insane, Space Soldiers also beat Game Agents recently, it was a pretty close 2-1 in favor of Space Soldiers, but it really seemed like they underestimated their opponents and that was probably the reason of Game Agents beating them on the second map.

Game Agents have been getting decent results too, they played against weaker teams??and it’s definitely not as impressive as Space Soldiers’ results, but they are definitely capable of having a close match against SS, everything would depend on the maps but I’m sure Space Soldiers knows what maps could go wrong for them, and they would end up removing those maps.

I’m confident with Space Soldiers here, but I feel like there is a decent chance for Game Agents to pull off an upset, not good enough to place a bet on them instead, but they are definitely capable of beating Space Soldiers, I’d rather go with XANTARES & his crew here.

My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 70:30 GameAgents

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Option 1Bet Space Soldiers if odds 75% or less
Space Soldiers

Medium (7%)

medium risk


Alrighty so the Turkish boys are on fire right now, literally ??exceeding my expectations by quite a lot. SpaceSoldiers have always have been known as this team that always has something up their sleeve and can challenge many T2 teams, however we have never really seen them do it at such a consistent basis as recently. They have been getting solid results versus AGG, Dignitas and Godsent to name a few as of recent, and honestly, really impressive. Of course the lineup hosts the very well known Xantares who when on form seems to be unstoppable at times, really does well for the team and if he is feeling it here, rip GameAgents. GA is not a bad side, they have had their ups and downs for sure however individually at least, they have players that ring a bell in that team. I just feel like GA are too up and down to really gain any traction however even when they are up, they should not be causing SpaceSoldires too much trouble as long as they are on form themselves. These two faced off against eachother a few days ago and it ended in a 2:1 for SS. Overall, 75-25 in favor of SpaceSoldiers here.


8% SS under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB GA

My odds = 75-25 SS

My risk = Medium

My advice =??8% SS under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB GA

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 75:25 GameAgents

Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.

These two sides played before recently, and GA took it to a 3rd map, with a weaker side than they are playing with today. WaterfaLLZ will be stepping into the roster, some of you might remember him from the old Method. He is a decent player, and should be able to put up bigger numbers than that of ZEN, who doesn’t seem to be at the level he was once before. I do think that SS will most likely take this, but considering how the game went last time, 25% does seem far too low. If GA can again take their map, and get a better 3rd map, that isn’t D2, which is a great map for SS, they will for sure have a chance here. Like I said, the real odds are closer to 65-35, drop an ICB on GA if you have spare stuff, otherwise SKIP.

My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 65:35 GameAgents

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Option 1Bet Space Soldiers if odds 65% or less
Space Soldiers

Small (5%)

high risk


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