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Spirit vs. Fruits at StarSeries Season 2 Predictions

This is a game that Spirit should be winning. I don’t really know how Gambit managed to lose yesterday but they were incredibly poor and the map veto on top of that, was not the best. A map that mixes can play and then the wild card of Nuke is always a massive risk. Spirit did the as I expected yesterday and looked decent. They are incredibly inconsistent though and I would never be confident betting on them at odds anything close to this. Fruits do have some decent players and showed they should not be underestimated. Although I do expect Spirit to take this one fairly easily, the odds are far too bad for betting. ICB on Fruits or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Spirit 75:25 Fruits

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Option 1Bet Spirit if odds 75% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

The match starts soon so I’ll try to make it quick, basically this match shouldn’t be too hard for Spirit, they are doing great these days and beat many stronger teams, they had like 8-10 map wins and 2 losses against HellRaisers, and then also lost against “MMCLUB” today but it was on the ECS Qualifier and there is basically no anti cheat there, so anything could happen, or maybe Spirit just didn’t care about this qualifier, who knows.

Fruits is a mix team made of very good hungarian players, they are very talented individually but the team isn’t good at all, they got wrecked by HellRaisers and barely beat eXtatus, somehow managed to upset Gambit 2-1, but as I said yesterday – Gambit are terrible online due to the ping issues, some players have to play with 80-100 ping and that’s basically unplayable on that level, so yea Fruits managed to upset them but that was the only good match they’ve had, just look at the match against HellRaisers, they got wrecked 4-16 and 5-16, I expect Spirit to wreck them too.

I’d go with a medium bet on Spirit here, qualifying for Starladder is definitely their main goal right now and I don’t think they would lose to a random tier 3 mix in the qualifiers.

My odds for this match: Spirit 75:25 Fruits

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