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Spirit vs. Kinguin at Hitbox Challenger Predictions

Kinguin is a team you should never trust, they keep destroying better teams like Godsent and Epsilon, but always struggle against weaker teams like PRIDE, Space Soldiers and even PlayZone, they are extremely inconsistent and it’s always scary to bet on their matches whenever they are up against a weaker opponent, this time I’ll keep sticking to the underdog bets, especially because Spirit are very good and if they actually beat Kinguin I wouldn’t even call it an upset.

Spirit win majority of their matches, they beat a lot of decent teams since the start of June, to be exact – they beat Space Soldiers, Tricked, LDLC, Pride, DenDD, Escape and Galactics, lost only two matches in almost two months, a best of one against DenDD and 0-2 against Alternate, other than that Spirit have been doing great.

Kinguin’s performance from the last few weeks wasn’t nearly as good as Spirit’s, they barely tied 1-1 against PRIDE 16-14 / 14-16, 2-0’d them few days later though, they also tied against PLAYZONE, got wrecked by Space Soldiers, Orbit and ENCE, and finally beat Godsent 2-1 yesterday, pretty convincingly too. Not the best results overall, I still believe they practice a lot and stuff, perhaps they should consider a small roster change as some of the players are not as dedicated anymore, but who knows, maybe we will see a chance soon.

This match should be around 55-45 for Kinguin as they’ve been playing together for a very long time and most of the time made it way further than Spirit, however I would go with a small bet on Spirit as I expect their odds to be lower.

My odds for this match: Spirit 45:55 Kinguin

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Alrighty so Kinguin are the better team here and in most situations should be winning matches like this. The thing is however that Spirit aren’t the greatest of teams man for man,. Kinguin definitely are stronger however if you speak results, the Spirit guys have been playing really well while Kinguin have I mean not terrible, but underwhelming too. The fact that this is Hitbox challenger does not give me confidence in either team. Both teams are quite known, at least historically to be rather sloppy and play down to the level of their opposition, or even worse if they simply do not care about the tournament they play in a way to make you 100% believe that they do not care. Kinguin individually and team wise are the better team for me here, however they have to be one of the most inconsistent teams out there so that’s that. You get 5,000$ for winning this tournament and meh, looking at both teams I’ve no idea how they will find motivation to play. Overall not much to say, Kinguin should win, however I still expect a close series. 60-40 Kinguin


3% Kinguin under 67%, otherwise 3% Spirit

My odds = 60-40 Kinguin

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Kinguin under 67%, otherwise 3% Spirit

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Spirit 40:60 Kinguin

Option 2Bet Spirit if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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