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Streamme Gauntlet

Best Of 3
2018/07/29 16:10 UTC

Winner Pride
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kibaken Dima COLDYY1 S0tF1k DavCost
EXUS SOON morelz reatz repo

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Spirit vs. Pride at Streamme Gauntlet Predictions

So coming into this match I guess it’s safe to say that Spirit should be favored, they played extremely well against ENCE yesterday, pretty insane that they actually managed to beat ENCE 2-0 after not having time to practice all that much, DavCost was standing it for Gambit on ELEAGUE so they couldn’t really play with him before this match, they also played few closer match against Kinguin and even 2-0’d them few days ago, but let’s not focus on that as DavCost didn’t play in these matches, still pretty impressive that Spirit managed to beat very good teams even without their best player.

Pride is just a mediocre tier 3 team, they were terrible few months back but kinda improved in the recent time, pretty sure you all remember their “2-17” record as I mentioned it many times before, basically Pride won 2 maps out of 19 they played and that was probably the worst record I’ve ever seen, lately Pride have been doing better as they managed to upset MK in a best of one, beat LDLC 2-1, PENTA 2-0 and tied against Kinguin, but they still seem to be very inconsistent, and I’m affraid they might not be good enough to beat Spirit.

I’d go with Spirit here, but I have no idea what maps can we expect here, there would be a chance for Pride to win if the veto process goes well for them, I still think it’s very unlikely to happen so I’m gonna stick to my initial bet which is a medium one on Spirit.

My odds for this match: Spirit 70:30 Pride

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Alrighty unfortunately yet another skip here boys. The matches we’ve been given recently have just not been good at all unfortunately, however E-league today so we’ve got something to work with. This is a match that Spirit should be winning, they have been surprising everyone I believe with their form the past few months and even yesterday they did really well. The thing is, I think that right now Spirit are over achieving right now a bit and I’ve no idea how long they can keep this up. The odds are odd by quite a bit too here, Pride is not a terrible team, while I do not think they are very good but they can definitely fight a Spirit team here and pull off the occassional upset here and there. The main reason why we are skipping this is due to the teams involved and the league this is in. Some of you might have read my other analysis yesterday where I basically went over how a lot of these lower tier teams, and unfortunately however true mostly lower tier CIS teams and what not will probably be involved in a lot of fishy stuff due to the new Valve betting announcement thing. I’m not going to go into huge detail why I think that teams will be trying to cash out as much as possible due to definitely lowered salaries for lower league teams and what not. Overall, you get 2.5k for winning this whole thing, it is just not worth it, yes Spirit should win this easily if you apply logic, howeve rlogic doesn’t always work. 70-30 Spirit, skip it or if you want just ICB Pride if they get low enough


Skip this

My odds = 70-30 Spirit

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Spirit 70:30 Pride

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