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Splyce vs. AGG at ESL Predictions

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2nd BO1 between these two teams, this time on Inferno. Now Inferno is a map Splyce don’t play at all, infact it’s an insta-ban in BO3’s against any teams. Their CT side is just incredibly weak on this map and any NA team is able to get through this with some basic strats, Splyce really have to get a 12-3 T half if they want to win this one.

AGG overall seem decent on this map. It’s a CT sided map and AGG do have a pretty good CT  side, Ocean knows how to set his squad and this is a huge advantage. There has been a AGG vs. Splyce on Inferno not long ago and, you guessed it right, AGG won that one 16-12. Splyce had a 9-6 T side but AGG managed to close it out with a 10-3 T side.

As of now, I’m going with AGG but I really want to see the first BO1 on Dust2 first. I want to see whether AGG gets ddosed or not and I want to see if Splyce are on point. So as of now, let’s go low on AGG.

Low (3%) on AGG

My odds for this match: Splyce 50:50 AGG

To put it bluntly, Inferno is not a map Splyce like to play. Looking at their recent results on the map, they leave a lot to be desired. 16-5 loss to NRG, 16-12 loss to AGG, 16-9 loss to NME, 16-10 loss to NME, 16-4 loss to coL. Impressive? I think not. You need to go back to October to find their last victory, against a poor Coast side, when their roster was different as well.

Looking at AGG, I don’t expect them to be that amazing either. They have only really played it twice since they joined up with AGG. One was a win against their opponent tonight, and the other a heavy loss to OpTic on one of their best maps. They do like the map though, and in Twistz and rooRoo, they have players who can open up sites and give them a chance going into this.

I find this game hard to predict, but with AGG showing before they can beat Splyce on this map, and Splyce’s results in general being really poor on Inferno, I would suggest going LOW on AGG to take this. With them most likely losing the first game, the odds should be good for a bet here.

My odds for this match: Splyce 45:55 AGG


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