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Splyce vs. Noble at CEVO Predictions

Kind of a meh match here. Splyce are obviously the favourites here but haven’t looked really good recently, they lost in a BO5 against EchoFox, a match they obviously should have won but didn’t. Kind of a sad performance by Splyce but I have to say, EchoFox actually looked good in this match. Splyce are obviously a pro-team and aren’t doing that bad, they are 9th in the EEPL with 4 wins out of 14 which isn’t too bad when you look at the opponents.

Noble are kind of a strange team, they really have some OK players who can do really well but they’re just not showing it. virtus SHOULD be by far the best player on this line-up and we all know where he’s capable of but he’s just so inconsistent and hasn’t been doing well ever since they won 16-14 against Splyce in a BO1 on lan (leader-1 back then). virtus is too inconsistent and really needs to step it up if Noble ever want to achieve stuff.

Splyce are, as I said, obviously the favourites here, they play against Top NA teams and aren’t doing too bad whereas Noble are losing to Premier teams, the gap is quite big. It is going to be a BO3 for CEVO and Splyce really should be winning this, they have the better fraggers and the better players. Splyce should come out on top here.

My odds for this match: Splyce 75:25 Noble

Splyce are a side that are some what hard to predict. They are often decent vs top teams and then poor vs lesser ones. They honestly should have beaten Echo Fox, and would have done if not for the DDOSing of PC. This is slightly worrying here in case that happens again, but they should still be good enough to beat Noble, even if this does happen. Noble with their old roster actually took a map off Splyce at LAN, beating them on D2, in a game few would have predicted. This is a BO3 though, and not a game Noble should really be taking. The odds are honestly not the best, but you could still get away with a MED bet on Splyce, as they should be taking this.

My odds for this match: Splyce 70:30 Noble

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This is one that Splyce should be winning here, however Noble are no pushovers, most of the time. Noble seems to do well when they are not supposed to, and when they should be in the running seat they make me cringe at some of the plays they make, low tier NA boys. My concern here is that I am pretty sure Davey is leaving Splyce sometime, so I am not entirely sure how the atmosphere is like within their camp, however they should come out on top here. Also, Splyce got the taste of a pretty nasty ddos vs Echo Fox, so I am wondering if they have fixed that, because if they have not things can get really tough for them here. My problem with Splyce that they can be so up and down, they are a decent side, however when they want to be, they can compete with some of NA’s elite, however at other times they just look completely lost, so you have to hope it does not happen here. Eitherway, I would give this a 75-25 in favor of Splyce here. Wouldn’t go high or anything since low tier NA.


8% Splyce below 82%, otherwise skip/ICB Noble

My odds = 75-25 Splyce

My risk = Medium

My bet = 8% Splyce below 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB

My advice = Same as my bet



My odds for this match: Splyce 75:25 Noble

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