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Splyce vs. WinterFox at Counter Pit League Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


So here we have a wild Splyce. To be honest, do not necessarily rate Splyce that high to be honest, they managed to pull off that upset versus OpTic, but then that’s about it. Of course they are a decent team, and can without a doubt compete with Winterfox, however I feel they are missing some fragging power or something. Davey to me is the player that stood out the most, and the only player that stood out for me for Splyce during the last few times I’ve watched them play, for Splyce to get anything out of this, I feel he will need to be on fire. They have some other good players like Professor Chaos of course, Abe can be nutty when on form, however I just feel like it isn’t enough. Their entry fragger, JasonR does not impress me one bit, he seems to have quite good first bullet aim, however that’s only when he is feeling it, most of the time he struggles to keep up with his team in the fragging department, so that is not good. I would not put it past Splyce to get at least one map here, if not both, however they will seriously have to hope that all of them are firing their shots and that Winterfox has no answer for it, otherwise, my hopes are not that high.


Holy moly how many times can I analyse these guys in three days. So Winterfox guys had a match versus Enemy yesterday, ended in a 1-1. Winterfox actually impressed me to be honest, not on their T side necessarily but on their CT sides they managed to lockout Enemy, especially on Overpass. Winterfox were 12:4 down, and came back to pull it back 15:15, however even after getting 2 rounds on CT during OT, Enemy got 3 so they lost. Inferno was pretty straight forward for Winterfox, it’s a strong map for them and they showed it and managed to lockout Enemy here, 16:9, good performance, well done Winterfox. Obviously these guys are quite known for their less than liked displays, they tend to make quite a few mistakes and just have poor results, however they have been clearly grinding hard in the gaming house and the players seem committed and optimistic, I had a little chat with Lex on Twitter yesterday, and it seems they are working hard, and I mean it is paying off so good job on them. I would favor Winterfox here, especially since it is a BO2, I don’t really see them not get a map here, however it is possible. With Winterfox it just depends which one we see, the one that makes mistake after mistake, or the one that we saw yesterday that was able to lockdown Enemy.


Overall, given that it is a BO2, I feel like Winterfox should be more than capable of getting at least a map here, as long as we see a normal Winterfox and not the one that we have grown to love, the one that makes a mistake after mistake after mistake, and becoming a living NA CS meme. To me Winterfox not only on paper are superior compared to Splyce, but also in the tactical department should be ahead of those guys. Splyce is decent, I am not putting it past them to get at least one map, or two if everything goes their way, however eh, time will tell. Davey will have to be on fire, and so will the whole team really, aswell as Winterfox just being poor today for Splyce to 2-0 this.

Overall, I’d simply recommend playing the odds here.


Given that this is high risk business boys, we will simply play the odds here. Winterfox is not nearly stable enough for me to trust them at these odds, 82% at the moment, so I will place 2-3% on Splyce if the odds stay like this, and recommend following. It is a BO2, so if it ends in a 1-1, skins are returned so I will be hoping in that. If Splyce goes above 26% however, unlikely but if they do, I’ll drop 5% on Winterfox. Recommend doing the same.  I will update this post with my bet when there is an hour or so left before the game starts

My odds = 68:32 Winterfox

My risk = High

My bet = Playing the odds. If Splyce is below 26% I will 2-3% on them, otherwise 5% Winterfox. Will update post once I’ve decided with my bet, an hour or so before game starts.

My advice = Same as my bet.


My odds for this match: Splyce 32:68 WinterFox

Splyce are a side who you never really know what you are going to get with. Some games they seem really good, and others really bad. This unpredictability makes me nervous betting on them and against them. The same can be said for WFX, who as of late have seemed a lot better than they did before. They were still being destroyed first map vs NME before an amazing come back, and they still do lose rounds because of stupid pushes, but overall they have improved.

These are two sides who historically have had close games against one another, with each side taking down the other in comfortable games and incredibly close ones. Highlighting the inconsistencies, but also how close these two teams are when both are on point.

Splyce have been in some what of a slump lately, and ever since their impressive OpTic victory, their only notable win came against WOOSAH. I do believe WFX are much more likely to come away with a 2-0 here, but with the current odds being so low on Splyce, the only logical bet right now is to go LOW/ICB on Splyce if you like a risk, and SKIP if you don’t have many skins, as there is no bank to be made here probably. This will likely be 1-1 or 2-0 WFX, but I am purely going to play the odds.

My odds for this match: Splyce 35:65 WinterFox

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