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Hiko eliGE nitr0 jdm64 Pimp
ryx roca ShahZaM fREAKAZOiD seang@res

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16:19 4 weeks ago
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Team Liquid vs. Echo Fox Predictions


This is one that Liquid should be takingl or well so I hope. EchoFox is that sort  of a team that will lose maps to CoL and struggle against them, but will be able to defeat the likes of Liquid, the likes of OpTic and what not, really annoying but it is what it is. Liquid individually and as a team are stronger here than EchoFox. I do not rate EchoFox highly, Roca can never truly live up to his potential, Freakazoid is meh, Shahazam is too inconsistent, Ryx is too inconsistent and Sean is an IGL so that’s that. Liquid actually scared me vs Eunited yesterday since they started really slowly on the first map, I was ready to get my head in my palms at that point but they woke up and won out easily 😀 This is an important BO3 for both teams, but more so Liquid since they are expected to be in E-League and to win this match. Hiko said on his stream two days ago that Liquid still has a lot of work to do and I can see that judging by the way they play, however I am confident in them making it work. This is a BO3 and I do expect Liquid to come out on top. 65-35 Liquid. As long as the individuals come to play I think they will be able to take it like 16:9 16:8 scores or something along those lines


5% Liquid under 72% otherwise 2% EF

My odds = 65-35 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet – 5% Liquid under 72% otherwise 2% EF

My advvice = Same as mybet

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 EchoFox

The last time these two played, it was Echo who took both maps, which I would say not a lot expected, but this is a very different game. I do not think Liquid will lose a game like this and having Peacemaker around should really enable them to have a good read of anything Echo could do. The fire power on both sides is actually pretty strong, but Liquid just make far less errors than they from Echo and in key rounds that is really important. I can see Liquid leaving in D2, which might make this go to 3 maps, but overall Liquid should be taking this game. LOW on Liquid for me. LOW on Echo to take 1 map if you see Nuke or D2 is a good bet too.

My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 EchoFox

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