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TeamX vs. Pride at Rising Stars Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Pride is a team which many people underestimate, can’t blame them for doing that as Pride’s winrate is probably around 15-20%, however they managed to upset or at least take few maps off of very good teams, they recently even beat teams like MK, PENTA and Spirit, so sometimes they actually can play well, but still their match history is full of losses and they are not very good most of the time.

Team X have a really stacked lineup, all of their players are very good and the skill gap between them and Pride’s players is just insane, valde is probably the best danish up and comer, gla1ve is also insane as even Astralis used him as a stand in for the major, the rest is also super good. Team X’s results are also very promising, they beat PENTA and MK twice, ENCE and 2-0’d TyLoo, the only team they struggle against is Epsilon as they lost like two or three matches against them, but other than that Team X have been doing great.

So this is a best of two and Team X should be heavily favored, there is nothing more to say really, I don’t think Pride could beat them 2-0 so I would expect either a quick win for Team X or a draw, I’d say this match is safe enough for a medium bet.

My odds for this match: TeamX 70:30 Pride

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Will make this one quick as it starts soon, it is a game I see Team X winning to be honest. Pride do have some good players but are far too inconsistent right now to take down a side such as this one. Team X has formed recently for the most part and are still finding their feet and developing their map pool, but they are far superior in individual skill and because of this I can see them taking this. The best map Pride ave a chance on is Cache and perhaps Mirage, but one of these should be removed right away. MED??on Team X for me here. With it being a BO2 as well, your skins should be even safer as the chances for a 2-0 for Pride are really small.

My odds for this match: TeamX 75:25 Pride

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