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TeamX vs. Spirit at Operation Kinguin Predictions

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Hard to call game because we saw the good and the bad from Team X earlier. They blew a massive lead on the first map to almost end up drawing against Pride, which was a poor performance on Cobble, which is usually a T sided map. They got the job done in the end though. Spirit are a hard side to call really. They go from looking incredibly good to incredibly poor pretty fast and knowing the one you will get from game to game is really difficult. Looking at their past results they are literally all over the place. Win one, lose one, win one, lose one. Good performance, bad performance etc. I would favour Team X, but not by a crazy amount and would put the real odds at around 65-35 and will bet from that.

My odds for this match: TeamX 65:35 Spirit

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Option 1Bet TeamX if odds 65% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

So this is the grand final of Operation Kinguin #3 and I honestly think this match does not feel like a final, Team X is a really good team and they should be here, but I feel like Spirit should have gotten knocked out earlier, they are pretty good but extremely inconsistent and there were a couple of teams that deserved this final way more than Spirit. The odds are pretty accurate in my opinion, Team X have been doing very well lately besides that 0-3 loss against Epsilon, but other than that, Team X managed to beat Pride, TyLoo, MK, PENTA, ENCE and few chinese teams, while Spirit got wrecked by Millenium, Pride and traded matches against Kinguin, they also barely beat Space Soldiers and somehow 2-0’d ENCE, that alone shows how inconsistent they are and it’s quite scary to bet against them.

Team X are my favorites and I guess that’s not a big surprise since they are heavily favored in this match, it’s still super risky but I have a strong feeling that Team X will win here, I’d go with a medium bet this time.

My odds for this match: TeamX 70:30 Spirit

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