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Titan vs. mouz at Game Show Global Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


Not in the best shape. Titan are looking for a new org and so far, they haven’t  found any. Not just that, but there’s also been rumors about possible roster changes and this seemed to affect Titan in their qualifier for Katowice 2018. They lost to CPH Wolves in the qualifier, 16-9. All in all, Titan aren’t too strong right now, and are really struggling and lacking everything. Titan have to step up if they want to win this game. This league also has a pretty big prizepool ($200,000) so Titan should definitely care about this match and bring everything they have.


I’ve said most things about Mousesports yesterday on the SpaceS match. It seems like Mouz are literally ”onliners” as they lack everything on lan against tier2 teams. Online they perform really well and can beat any tier2 team. They had no problems with SpaceS either who are considered top tier3 / low tier 2. Mousesports are looking good and they can only improve at this point, can’t wait to see where they stand at Katowice 2018. It is lan, so we’re just gonna have to see!


A lacking Titan against a Mousesports who are only improving. I don’t think it’s hard to say that Mousesports are more likely to win this than Titan are. There’s also been some H2H matches between these two, the most recent one was back in October 2015 so that’s been a while back. Although, Mousesports did win 2-0 here in a BO3. I do think Mousesports are going to win once again as they do have a nice record against tier1 teams. This is an important league for both teams, they will both try hard but I just think Titan have too many things to think about now, and this will likely affect their gameplay. Mousesports it is!


Definitely going low / medium on Mousesports. I can see Mousesports winning 2-0 or 2-1 here.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: Titan 40:60 mouz


Titan for me is a really tricky team, historically and presently they can be quite decent, however their mood has to be on point, their aim has to be on point, basically a lot of things need to be going right for Titan here for them to really reach their peak. Historically from experience at least it seems that Titan do best when nobody expects it out of them, like I remember the times where they’d constantly beat Fnatic left right and center when nobody else could, or go deep in qualifiers vs teams better than them when they were looking weak. Right now I am unsure what to think of Titan, their organisation dropped them quite recently, they still haven’t announced a new organisation, however I would guess they’ve had some sort of offers considering they are not a bad team at all.

Titan is not bad, they are just really inconsistent I’ve found. You basically need to cross your fingers and pray that Shox, ScreaM, Smithz are feeling it, can also add RPK to that list, he is a bit on and off, but has been improving a lot from the last few times I’ve watched him play, so that is that. Overall not counting Titan out here, they are more than capable as long as we see them on some kind of a form.


So I’ve been analysing these guys a fair bit recently too, so bear with me here. Just like Titan, to me Mouz come across as one of the most inconsistent T2 teams out there, obviously at the present moment they are doing quite well for themselves, however historically, not feeling it. It just really comes down to if Nex, ChrisJ and Niko are hitting their shots on that day and the whole team just plays well together, they can be lethal when that trio is playing well and they are just feeling it, and I mean lethal, that trio in my eyes is one of the more dangerous ones in Europe. Mouz does however look to be in a better shape than Titan right now, while Mouz have made progress going into this year, and the results are showing really good, Titan has been a bit of the opposite. To put it together, I would favor Mouz here as long as they are not having one of the classical Mouz performances where nothing is just going their way, and I mean it can well happen, Titan are no pushovers.


So to sum it all up, I really do think that this one is going to be really close. Picking a winner here, although I do in fact favor Mouz really slightly, is tough here. Either team can show up or just be a complete disaster as they rely quite a bit on their star players to perform. We have not seen too much of Titan recently, they just lost that Kato qualifier against Copenhagen Wolves, and I mean upsets happen, but that is quite discouraging if you are a Titan supporter – The org stuff too, I just do not necessarily see how much of their heads will be in the game. I will simply recommend playing the odds here. If there is no value in the odds, aka they are just too close to the real ones, I’d recommend a skip here, as betting on this match if it has no value, no thank you. Either team can win no problem.  Mouz theoretically should come out on top, but once again, if odds do not justify a Mouz bet, not worth it.


I am simply going to play the odds here and recommend doing the same. This match is really close, while not on paper at the moment but historically indeed. Titan seem to be puzzled, but they can come strong at any time. Since I give this 55:45 in favor of Mouz, I will bet on them as long as they are below 60%, I’ll go 3% on them in that scenario. If they are above however, I’ll drop 3% on Titan, if the odds are around 55:45, not exceeding any of my barriers, I will simply skip as there would be no value in this game for me. Betting on no value games kinda defeats the purpose of betting for me, as I am not one to just pick the winner.

My odds = 55:45 Mouz

My risk = High

My bet = Going to play the odds, read ‘Bet’ chapter. Will update my bet an hour before game starts!

My advice = Play the odds like described in last paragraph.

My odds for this match: Titan 45:55 mouz

mousesports are on fire right now, they recently qualified for IEM World Championship 2018 Katowice by beating very strong teams such as dignitas, Copenhagen wolves and HellRaisers, mousesports also showed up with a good performance during DreamHack ZOWIE Open Liepzig where they managed to beat Virtus.pro 16-5 on dust2, had a double overtime against Astralis which they lost 19-22 in the end, and got 2-0’d by dignitas, they looked very strong overall. mousesports were known for being very inconsistent but it seems like the new lineup is holding a stable form for now, replacing gob b with Spiidi had a huge impact on that, Spiidi is a frag machine and NiKo’s calling was very good so far.

ex-Titan are playing quite bad lately, we haven’t seen that many of their matches but they recently failed to qualify for IEM Katowice as ex-Titan got eliminated by Copenhagen Wolves (9-16) and the only team they beat in the qualifier was Lemondogs, not the best performance from them. ex-Titan also managed to qualify for Starladder Finals in which they lost against both Astralis and Fnatic in two pretty close matches.

Statistically ex-Titan is a better team but their recent results were just terrible, the only teams they beat were Lemondogs, CSGL and LDLC White, while mousesports were doing great and I would rather place a small bet on them.

My odds for this match: Titan 40:60 mouz

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