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Tricked vs. Preparation at Streamme Gauntlet Predictions


This is one that Tricked should be winning here. I think that Tricked are a team that could do with some improvement, however recently in particular and for some time they have been doing really well for what they have. I think that Niko and Jugi are really good players that are up and coming, and if Niko keeps going in the right direction we have two insane Niko’s 😀 The thing is, the Preperation guys are not bad, they are one of the better CIS teams and if you look at the names in that squad, all obviously stand out. The problem is that the Preparation guys aren’t consistent and they barely show their true cards. I would not be super surprised if Preparation win here, however it still is a pretty good upset in my books. Looking at both teams recent form, Tricked obviously stand out there by quite a bit, and I do expect them to continue their good run of form here, however can’t be too certain. This is not the best of tournaments to bet on at least, the Stream.me gauntlet…meh, like 2.5k for winning the thing. I am positive that if these Preparation guys are heavy favorites in one of their matches in this league, they are losing, thankfully they are underdogs here but you can never count out the togglerino either. Eitherway, not the greatest of bets but Preperation should win, 70-30.


5% Tricked under 77%, otherwise 2% Preparation

My odds = 70-30 Tricked

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Tricked under 77%, otherwise 2% Preparation

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Tricked 70:30 Preparation

Option 2Bet Preparation if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

This match looks pretty easy, Tricked are winning pretty much all of their matches and they only lost to PENTA and Kinguin in over a month, beat teams like Millenium, Delete, Epsilon, K1CK and few more, also tied against Alternate four days ago and played really well against them too, they looked really good ever since JUGI and PERCY joined the team, their fragging power is really good right now, another really good thing about Tricked is that they seem to be good on all maps, they mostly play dust2, cobblestone, mirage and train and win most of their matches on these maps, but they also beat few decent teams on nuke and overpass, so I don’t think they have any weaker maps.

Preparation is just another mix team that will probably split and disband after a month or two, they have jmqa and CyberFocus who are pretty decent, but the rest is mediocre, just like their results, Preparation played three matches with this lineup and the only team they managed to beat was PlayZone, other than that Prepration lost against Team X although they managed to win a map which is impressive, and got wrecked by ENCE. They don’t seem to be very good right now, just a mediocre tier 3 team.

I believe Tricked will take this one pretty easily, however tier 3 matches are usually quite risky so it’s not like a 100% win for Tricked, they can definitely get upset.

My odds for this match: Tricked 70:30 Preparation

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Tricked have a really good roster that has a lot of potential and I’m really interested to see where they will go and what they will achieve. Their main issue right now, is their consistency. They have a lot of young players who can really frag well, but also have poor games from time to time as well. Their opponent today is s1mples old team, who have some decent CIS players, who will go into this game with confidence believing they can win. I think that Tricked will take this, but under 30%, you have to go on Prep really, Tricked are too inconsistent to deserve these kinds of odds.

My odds for this match: Tricked 70:30 Preparation

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Option 1Bet Tricked if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

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