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TSM vs. Fnatic at ELeague Predictions

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Just gonna paste the same prediction that I wrote for the first match because I believe that fnatic will take both maps.


TSM is one of the best teams in North America at the moment, they won multiple matches against CLG and even Optic, additionally this is a best of one, but let’s be real here, olofmeister is back and TSM won’t have their best player for this event because he is not allowed to play due to age restrictions, TSM decided to use cadiaN as a stand in, he’s definitely more experienced than Twistzz, but the team chemistry won’t be the same and it’s clearly worse for TSM in this situation.

So statistically this match should be a quick and easy win for fnatic, I believe they will take it very easily as they beat few really strong teams recently, NiP and mousesports for example, but one thing that worries me the most is that olofmeister wasn’t active for a couple of months and fnatic probably didn’t practice with him, I don’t think that will affect their gameplay too much as they didn’t really change anything with the way they’ve been playing, but knowing that he wasn’t there for all that time is just a bit scary.

Fnatic will definitely win this match, I would consider skipping if TSM played with their full lineup, but I don’t think they could upset fnatic with cadiaN, there is no way even in a best of one.

My odds for this match: TSM 10:90 Fnatic

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Second map here between these two is Mirage, which in the past has actually been a good map for TSM. They famously beat LG on it before, and fnatic have not been THAT strong on it lately. I do think though that fnatic with olof back will be too strong here. I waited to see the first game before deciding what to do here but fnatic look confident and solid, and I don’t see how a weakened TSM are going to be able to take down a side such as fnatic. MED on fnatic here OR skip.

My odds for this match: TSM 20:80 Fnatic

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