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Vexed vs. EnVyUs at Game Show Global Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


The thing is, I never trust EnVyUs in matches against any team because they’re just so inconsistent. The winner of this match will qualify for the $200,000 offline finals and that’s just a sick thing for EnVyUs, for both teams obviously. As much as I hate EnVyUs, I just don’t think they they’re going to lose and miss the offline finals. The most recent H2H match was somewhat close, first map was Inferno and this went 16-3 in favour of EnVyUs. Second map was Train and this went into double OT, EnVyUs won 21-18. EnVyUs once again should have the upper hand here.


I just don’t think EnVyUs can lose this. the winner will qualify for a big even with a nice prizepool so they will be giving everything to win this match. EnVyUs should win this (just like last time) 2-0. I do consider this match to be the safest of the day.


I hate betting on EnVyUs as they made me lose the most money so far. It should be the safest match of the day so I suggest either a max on EnVyUs or just a skip as I can see the odds going over 90%.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: Vexed 15:85 EnVyUs

Going to keep this one shorter since it is pretty much to the point.


I actually do not enjoy betting on Envyus, ever. They are my favorite European team, however whenever I bet on them, or get my hopes high about them, I get smacked right back to the ground, no lube style. Anyone who consistently maxbets on Envyus has a bad time, I am thinking to the amount of upsets they’ve caused in about a year, E-Frag x2, CLG, Flipsid3 and probably is more, it does seem like Envy is the ‘not to maxbet’ team, however I feel this time around it is different. So first of all, obviously Envyus is the superior team here, in every aspect there is and they should take this convincingly if even 2/5 of their players are on fire this game, no disrespect to Vexed however Envy is just a few steps above. Envy has had troubles with getting the good old ddos online, but lets hope that does not happen here. Envy is kinda known to be that team that likes to mess around a bit when the match is easy, however considering this is to qualify for a $200,000 tournament, I doubt they won’t take this serious and try their hardest, but only time will tell.


Vexed oh Vexed. I honestly am not a big fan of this team, I do not think they are very good but what do I know. To me they come across as a pretty meh team, they can have a good performance here and there, however those are not nearly as consistent as you’d want them to be. Do I think they are overrated? perhaps yes, but then again that depends who you talk to as everyone will rate them differently. Vexed actually has not been doing bad recently, in fact they’ve been doing quite well in their last matchups, beating F3 2-0 and other good results going their way, it is a good sign for them. Vexed can be decent versus these type of teams when they are on their day, however versus Envyus it should be a stretch too far, especially taking into consideration that this is a BO3, I just don’t see them coping well here.


Honestly I do not see Vexed upsetting Envyus in a BO3 here. Envyus does have a shaky history with these sorts of matches, not that they lose on purpose obviously, but that they perhaps underestimate the opposition, go into matches without preparing and what not, however for a match like this which matters quite a bit, I’d expect them to tryhard. The odds are going to be really meh for this game, like 92:8 qualify or so, and the only way to really make money here is to maxbet. I will most likely place a max here as long as Envy does not go above 93%, and would recommend doing the same. If you want to try your luck, sure throw your Famas Colonies on Vexed, however I don’t see it happening.


Going to maxbet on Envyus here as long as they are below 93%. If they are above that I will just skip, or throw a ICB on Vexed, I’ll update it here. Recommend doing the same here. If you do not have a maxbet set, then I would not really recommend betting here as the chances of you getting a return are slim here, skip in that case.

My odds = 80:20 Envy

My risk = Low

My bet = Max Envy if below 93%

My advice = Max Envy if below 93%, otherwise Skip/ICB Vexed


My odds for this match: Vexed 20:80 EnVyUs

The winner of this match will qualify for $200,000 Finals of Game Show’s Global eSports Cup in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Both ENVYUS and Vexed looked just fine in the group stage, ENVYUS had to play only a single match as DenDD decided to withdraw from the tournament, that one match was a best of three against dignitas which ENVYUS took 2-0, overall the match was close as dignitas managed to win 13 rounds on Train and 10 on Mirage.

Vexed’s first opponent were unu.AiN who also decided to forfeit their match as they had two matches scheduled for the same date, Vexed had to play Astralis in the next match and lost 0-2, although Vexed made it to overtime on Train which is quite insane. The decider’s match was against unu.AiN and Vexed won the series 2-0, 16-13 on both maps.

ENVYUS should be able to take this match very convincingly despite their poor performance in the earlier stage of this tournament, I could see a chance for Vexed if it was a best of one, but there is no way the beat ENVYUS in a best of three series.

My odds for this match: Vexed 5:95 EnVyUs

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Normally I wouldn’t recommend this as I don’t like betting HIGH on Envy when they have lost games they were meant to win, but as the others said below, this is a massive game and there is no way they will let this opportunity slip and lose this game. Vexed are the type of side that when you are off your game can give you problems, but overall they are not skilled enough to take down Envy. I do expect the typical Envy cockyness to come through and they will probably let through train which is the one map Vexed have a chance on taking but even on that map, the T side of Envy should be too strong for them. LARGE on Envy for overpay or SKIP if you don’t have the skins to bet like this.

My odds for this match: Vexed 20:80 EnVyUs

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